Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff delivered, then a quick trip for DayQuil

Ran out of DayQuil last night.  Not a huge issue, because the cold symptoms have mostly been in the background. My doctors don't want me taking NyQuil because it messes with heart & kidneys & leaves me groggy half the next day.

Up at 6:30, Spook jumped onto the bed  at 7:30 when the lights came on, and  when I kept reading on the tablet, she climbed up onto me a little two or three times. She wanted treats, I wanted to stay in bed.

Got a call from a NJ recruiter who wanted to add a job to my list. He had found one at Apple last week, and now a different manager posted almost the same job, so I said go ahead and put me in for both of them.

Other than that, there was no job activity. I did send a spam caller to screening 3 times.

Delivered was a box of socks, a packet of many grades of sandpaper and a can of Nissan silver spray paint. It was too wet & cold to try the paint, but the sandpaper only made the scratches look worse. So when it warms up enough I'll just spray over it lightly.

KCEA has added a bunch of PSAs for itself and various school district announcements. I wanted to congratulate them for returning to the school district, and suggest it is time to include students in its programming as they did in the early 80's. Went to the web site, and it hasn't been updated in 2 years. And there's no electronic contact info. They do include the snailmail address for donations, which I may use. Their Facebook page also hasn't been updated in a while.

The story is that KCEA was one of the first stations granted an FM license in the area. It was granted to Menlo-Atherton High School, and the studios were in the school, with student-participation daytime programming focused on big band music, 1940's radio shows and M-A sports. After dark it became sounds of the sea (hence the K-CEA call letters). Sometime later the high school was going to plead lack of $$ and close down the station, so the chief engineer took it over, and I think moved it off campus, made it all big bands 24/7 with two or three short syndicated programs, one was old radio shows hour and the other a travel themed big band show.

Chief engineer died last April, things were a mess for a while, then the assistant manager stepped in, school district (not the high school but its parent district) took over and things have been getting better. They have been calling for volunteers.

Breakfast was a piece of coconut custard pie.

Lunch was some chopped liver with cole slaw on the side and grapes. And mochi.  That was the last of the chopped liver.

2:30-ish I dropped the "yes, I am still old" form at the community center and then, realizing it was about to be rush hour, changed my plans from driving up 237 to 99 Ranch to a quick stop at Lucky's. Bought a bottle of DayQuil, some grapes and some Mineola tangelos.

Home, traffic was already starting to get stupid.

Put stuff away. Watched PTI and Dating Unfiltered. The latter got lucky with two couples making plans to boink.

The Orville got back to its roots. Lots of parody. The doctor thinks she is falling in love with the robot. The robot goes along with it, with pleasantly surprising results. The Worf analog wants a mustache and the doctor helps him grow one. I actually like how he looked with one.

Dinner was breaded fish fillets and tater tots, while watching The Bachelor. Chaotic episode. My favorite contestant, the natural redhead/green eyes woman went home. She decided she couldn't handle "winning" a man who has test driven 29 other women. Another part of the problem was the producers - she had one terrific 1-on-1 date with the bachelor early on, then nothing for 5 weeks. They don't do a good job of making sure all the women get individual time on a regular basis, even after the field is trimmed down. Very sad to see her go. Then one of the women decided to tell the bachelor that the departed woman had told her the Cuban woman was only there to escape living in Miami. The ratter misunderstood the redhead's message and when the other women called her out on it she pulled the "just the messenger" card, and then after bachelor asked Cuba about it, Cuba and ratter got into a loud argument, neither one even pausing when bachelor sat next to them to try to negotiate a truce.  I think his best move will be to send ratter and Cuba home. We'll see next week.

Plans for tomorrow:
It looks like it will be a nice day. But cold.

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