Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got Out Some

Up at about 6, Spook joined me when the alarm went off. And jumped off the bed when I got up - she wanted treats. But I have my morning routine to do first.

Interesting email from older sister, she's been seeing a therapist, probably coping with the death of her husband a couple of years ago. It hit her very hard, they had been together since about 1971, maybe earlier. He heard his cancer diagnosis just after his 70th birthday and just gave up. He was gone in about 3 months. Sis has always been her own person, one of the first things she did was take a tour of China. Anyhow, she asked me to tell her about Dad, especially whether I remembered him doing Dad Things with her. The answer was basically no, except I do remember him playing card games and Monopoly with us. She asked if I remember him teaching her chess, and I don't. He taught me chess, and we played a bit, but I never got very good. Sis would have absolutely sucked at chess. She also asked if Dad helped us with math homework, and the answer was no, Dad was a math genius, he did not understand why we weren't born doing differential calculus. He couldn't explain math problems to us because he did them all instantly in his head, not step by step. He seriously asked me once why the school required algebra as a pre-req for calculus when calculus was basically shortcuts to avoid using algebra.

On the job front what looked like a promising Android test opportunity turned out to be in LA. Indian guy working for a NJ contract company had no idea how to use a map.

Nothing else new.

The usual breakfast.

10, drove to what had been an all the shipping companies place but they are now a USPS contract post office and don't do UPS anymore, so onward to the one in a hard to find nook in the Great America Marriott. Starbucks mercado is on the way home, so I used their restroom and then set up my laptop and had a criossant and an iced mocha. There was some eye candy, but it was too early for the movie crowd and too cold for much foot traffic.

Home, fired up the PC.

Four storm chasers were streaming today, two in Ohio 16 miles apart, where it was raining and the tornado warning were bogus, and two in the snow, Indiana and Michigan? Wisconsin?

Dim sum for lunch while watching metal detector guy and then my favorite storm chaser. Found myself almost falling out of my chair, so I got undressed and took a nap. Woke up 2 hours later and Spook was curled up on the comforter near my feet.

Up & dressed. Dinner was grilled cheese on rye.

Watched PTI, Masked Singer and will probably watch a Mysteries at the Museum later.

Plans for tomorrow:
None, really.
There probably won't be new job postings till Monday.
Maybe there will be EDD $$
Last time I was on unemployment they gave me a BofA debit card which they direct deposited into and I auto-transferred it to my checking account. This time it looks like they are back to mailing checks.


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