Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Immodium's Revenge

2:45 am I am sleeping, Spook is splayed across the quarter of my bed just out of reach, and my tummy starts to hurt like there is a methane generator in there about to burst. Stumbled to the loo, and after maybe 20 minutes of pain, there is massive relief, lasting about 5 minutes. Back to bed, but in another half hour it's time to do it again. That's what I get for taking 3 immodium instead of just my usual one in the morning, I guess.

Back to sleep, when the alarm sounded at 7:30 I just laid there for an hour. No cat. Webcam showed her under the Casio keyboard in the guest room. Google went through its morning routine, announcing I had something on my calendar for 10 am. Looked at my calendar and saw there was an auction nearby I wanted to go to. They have them every 2 weeks. I used to go often, but it has been years. Thank You Facebook ads.

Got there at 9:45, auction started at 10, there were more than 700 lots. Most lots had more than one item, some were entire china sets. I sat through the whole auction, ended at about 2:30. I bought the last item, which turned out to not look at all like the photo. And there were three items, not two. Earlier I bought some "textiles" including a Thai 3D wall hanging and a pair of Native American style place mats. The final item was a patio table set, they were happy to dispose of the large 3rd table which I didn't want and had no way to get home.

Home, forgot I wanted to go to Target - I was halfway there. Moved the tables into the house, one in the livingroom and one in the guest room, both by windows. The tables were missing their glass tops so I put a couple of shelves on each. The plan is to pit my orchids on them. One orchid has sprouted two out of three flowers, very pretty deep purple. And Spook is jazzed to have two more things to hide under.

Starving, had a snack, then on to the new Target in the other direction. No, their pharmacy doesn't take sharps drop-offs. But I did exchange an empty soda stream bottle. Bought some food items and a small bag of IAMS cat food.

On to GO, plugged in the car, went shopping for fondue makings. Mostly cheese - I had everything else. It's been ages since I used the fondue pot. The charger ran for an hour - 97%.

Home, Spook begged for treats. I put some IAMS in her bowl, she took one look at it and begged for treats again. Sigh. This morning I had changed the programming on her food dispenser to 1 cup of Purina One a day. The bowl was almost empty, I think she actually ate it.

The fondue was a minor production, it called for more white wine than I remembered. I have a mostly full fifth of kirschwasser, but the recipe only called for a little bit of that. There was a good bottle of white wine in the liquor cabinet, but stored upright so the cork broke off. Fondue skewer to the rescue. Mochi for dessert.

Watched White Water Gold,  during which they ran out of fuel and hand built a pipeline to get gas down to the dig site from way uphill. They still have not hit the vein of gold they dream about finding. But they are very close to where they think it is.

Also watch Dating Unfiltered,  three episodes, six dates, no hook-ups.

Email answer from cardiologist that it indeed is time for me to see her again and to get checked by the pacemaker crew. She will work on that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast - banana because I had cramps in my legs this morning, need K.
Janice says she'll come here by 1:30 and we'll go to the show at The Pear together. She'll be at a friend's a mile or so away in the morning.
Spending the End of the Universe on OK Cupid at The Pear theater, followed by a talkback session.

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