Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why I'd rather go it alone

Up on time, no cat in sight.

No job prospects online. Incremental backup was done before I was awake. UPS said the new cat food wouldn't arrive till tomorrow.

No storm chasers, but three streamers in Thailand enjoying the Farang (tourist) night life. Also a Thai female DJ with her super-cute also a DJ friend out at the night market getting drunk. Both DJs have impressive implants and know how to use them.

Not a lot on FB either except for once in a lifetime snow pix from the Puget Sound region.

Email from my cardiologist asking me to do two BP readings a day. I keep forgetting to do that. And she nudged the pacemaker group into asking me to upload my data, which I did. Pisses me off, they are supposed to be able to do that from their end. They are supposed to do it while I'm asleep.

Played the piano for a bit, Spook didn't know what to make of it.

Since she didn't want to go near the food dispenser, I took out her old food tower and put treats in it as she watched, but she wasn't interested.

Watched some random TV. Tuned into metal detector stream until it was time to go wait for Janice. She was 10 minutes late, we barely got to the theater on time, which meant lousy seats. She still has a cold, and should have canceled - for the first 10 minutes of the show she was coughing and struggling not to, and finally climbed over people to get out.

Met up with her at intermission, apparently the house manager got her a bottle of water and sat her in the front row in what is usually the house manager's seat, so she got to see the show. She watched the rest of it from there, then joined me in the front row for the talkback session.

Spending The End Of The World On OK Cupid was great. Fast moving, brilliantly directed,  lots of diverse characters, lots of humor and pathos. The plot is simple: half the world's population has vanished without a trace, and the self-proclaimed prophet who predicted it to the date and time is announcing that the end of the entire world will come at midnight. People who don't want to spend the world's final moments alone log into OK Cupid. Some are first time users, others are regulars.

There are two things missing from the script. There is no talk of looting, and none of the characters runs screaming from anyone who has messaged them online.

It was superbly directed, the complex lighting plot was executed seamlessly. Lots of talented actors, some playing several characters. Costumes were mostly street clothes but kept simple because most of the changes were quick and some were done while on stage. Very few props, and the only set changes were rudimentary signs which slipped into slots. The art work on those could have been better. The set was a solidly built many level arrangement which looked like a cross between a wooden stair and monkey bars.

The talk back session was minus the playwright and the main female character, so not as good as it could be, and an annoying hardly audible French woman hogged a lot of it at first.

Since she was so late, Janice drove us to the theater (no time to change cars) and after she took us to my local Pete's for coffee and a chat.

Home, burned a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches made from leftover fondue & sourdough bread. Mochi for dessert. 

UPS lied - there was a box with one of the two cat food bags on the front steps. I poured some into a little cat food bowl, Spook dove in, then pulled some out to eat from the floor, and then walked away. I'll leave that in place and see what happens overnight.

Watched a short Oak Island teaser and an episode of the Hendersons vet show. Also caught the second part of the AAF league teaser. There was a game today which Tivo is holding for me. The good news is Ronnie Lott is a coach, the horrible news is smarmy cheater Neuheisel is too.

There's also a Graham Norton to be watched.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
BP measuring

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