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A little sleuthing in Quicken showed that the reason there was about $1k missing is I had entered a full week's pay for my final week at Google and did not delete it when the 2 days of $$ cleared. I only worked 2 days that week. So now the discrepancy is only a few $$, not worth worrying about.

Up and at 'em at 7:30, AG called as usual at 8:30, we may have talked for an hour. He asked why his Indian co-workers say that Pakistanis are terrorists. They did not get any British Empire history in Vietnam. The hard part was explaining East and West Pakistan --> Pakistan and Bangladesh. But now he also understands Faux Buddhist Burma's issue with Muslim Bangladeshis.

Facebooked a lot. Much snow info from the PNW. Not much on Twitch. A couple of midwest storm chasers were in Atlanta to talk to TWC about stuff. TWC buys clips and interview time from them.

Got a call from cardiologist's office wanting me to come in tomorrow for a pacemaker check, but I told the nurse she needed to check that my data had been processed. She called later, the tech said okay,  and I'll go in Wednesday morning. I expect cardiologist will want to see me in a few days. Meanwhile, this morning my BP was higher than usual, it came down closer to my normal this evening. Taking 2 readings a day as ordered.

Only went outside to bring in the garbage bins. I need to get out more. Or do I? It's cold out there.

Watched the AFF game between Birmingham and Memphis. It was okay except for one thing. They have a rule which limits defense to 5 rushers, which is okay, but violating it is a 15-yard penalty, which seems extreme. The play clock is much shorter, there are no commercial breaks - they show the ads in a half screen on the right while still showing the game on the left. Usually they wait for a time out or some other lull in the action. No kickoffs, but punts and Field Goals provide jobs for kickers. One FAIL is the officials are not in zebra stripes, they wear solid black with a white feature along the arms. Birmingham's uniforms looked almost identical. The booth announcers never shut up, but they also never stopped calling the game.

Watched PTI as well.

Breakfast was a banana and a piece of coconut custard pie, lunch was mac & shrimp & cheese made with leftover fondue, which was a mistake. For dinner I fried up two roti chanai and reheated some Penang curried mini-meatballs. Yummy. Ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

There was a storm chaser to watch at 1:30, a marbles game at about 5 and after dinner the chaser coming back from Atlanta had flown to DEN and was in his truck headed home. The usual suspects were in the chat sessions.

The Pear advertised auditions - general auditions for next season, I signed up for a slot March 30. Now I need to prepare 2 contrasting monologues, one with a British accent.  I happen to have one humorous one with a British accent, a poem, sort of. Reprise of a song, but spoken. Cyril Richard did it on Broadway.  Now I need something serious.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
6:30 photo meetup, $10 special to introduce photogs, models and makeup artists. Limited actual photography, but there will probably be pizza.


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