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Weird Dreams/Thoughts

Last night was another one of those waking up half an hour after falling asleep thinking it was almost wake-up time times. I turned off the lights a bit before midnight, and woke up at 1:30 with Spook sleeping on the bed, and this weird thought in my head that she wanted to go to Redwood City with me to get her DNA tested. In my dream I kept telling her it would not show anything, we are not related.

Took a while for me to get back to sleep but Spook didn't wake up. I woke up again at about 4, same dream. I did hear her jump off the bed when I got up to pee at 6:30, and found her on the floor of the guest room, between the carpet washer and the keyboard stand. Left her there - she never lets me pick her up, no sense trying.

7:30 alarm woke me up, and I got into the bathroom right away. Breakfast was a piece of coconut custard pie and a banana. No job prospects online. email from recruiters were for NC and San Ramon.

Drove downtown, had my nails done. The place was quiet, walk-in not a problem. Only one other customer.

Got my laptop from the car and walked a few blocks to Starbucks, watched storm chasers in upstate NY and Allentown, PA. Tuned into my favorite one at 1:30, heard that one of the Michigan chatters had a heart attack, but was able to get an ambulance in time. New Orleans chatter talked to her on the phone. Both are fans, neither of them stream. It's a friendly supportive group.

Long walk (for me & my sciatica) back to the car, then home. Watched PTI, had a bagel with HB egg & salmon cream cheese. Also watched Dating Unfiltered which had two hetero couples. The first couple looked like they might click but the guy was all about himself and she took him to a sushi place where he ate the edamame whole, and she fooled him into eating a California roll with a whole glob of wasabe. He was clueless. She dumped him before dessert. The other couple were made for each other, plain looks, but both had their act together and they kissed on a second date.

Cardiologist said to come in tomorrow for the pacemaker check. She will schedule an appointment with her some other time.

Looked online at the EDD site to find out where my $$ was. They don't say in what form I will get it, but it takes 10 days after they certify it, which is next week. There was also a note that I'm supposed to go in at 8:30 in Menlo Park for an appointment on the 27th. That's a long slog that time of morning.

6 pm, off to the photo shoot. Rush hour, so I took side roads, which meant I had to get most of the way there before punching in the address on GPS. The Leaf GPS has trouble hearing me, it took three tries and typing it in by hand. Got there at 6:25, early. Yay. But the pizza did not arrive for another 20 minutes. Lots of photographers, eventually lots of models, as I was leaving a couple of make-up artists appeared. It was a mess, the host had set up three shooting areas very close to each other, and a couple of the photographers hogged them. I did not get any shots worth keeping and left early. A shame, some of the models were hot.

Found out about another meetup group which uses the same studio. I may sign up for a shoot there.

Home, uploaded the pix. Deleted a lot of bad ones.

May watch The Bachelor later.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning stuff
Kaiser by 10:30
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