Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Overdoing it

Did not set the alarm, slept half an hour past the lights turning on. There was one job online to apply for, the recruiter emailed me right away to ask when tomorrow he can phone.

One recruiter call, but for a contract at Google.

Metal detector guy was kicked out of the park he wanted to dig in. He's not very good at checking ahead. Chaser was online as usual, and that stream lasted till 3.

Lunch was broad noodles with moo dang.

Feeling like getting out, so I drove to Ulistac preserve and walked way too far to get photos of snow dusting the tops of nearby hills. There was a lot more snow earlier in the week but it was raining. On the return trip I was wishing for a bicycle or someone with a cart. Between the sciatica, my knee hurting and low blood sugar I wasn't sure I would make it back to the car.  The river was full of ducks and birds and willow trees, and I would have liked to stay and get more photos but I was almost falling down, and the trail has no benches or anywhere to sit. 

Nearby Prolific Oven, I was sweating profusely, but 20 minutes with an éclair and a cream puff helped.  

Home, considered making dinner, but since it was a holiday and traffic would be lighter, I vegged (watched some Amazon Prime movies) until 7 and drove to the basfa meeting. There were 6 of us. Many people were at or en route home from the Dr. Who convention in LA.

The meeting only lasted 40 minutes, if that much. But the chicken fried steak and chocolate malt was good.

Home, finally found a way to pair the original guest room light switch to the smartthings hub. I needed to use the old app to disable its Z-wave connection to the Iris hub.

Since I've been streaming my marbles game when I'm bored, I redid my Twitch page to make it look active again and created a Discord server, and linked it to my streaming app. Maybe tomorrow I'll go online. Too late tonight for me.

Plans for tomorow:
Call broker about the IRA transfer
Expect a recruiter call in the morning
Maybe use my Starbucks award
Google vendor call in the evening via Google Hangouts
Stream a marbles game?

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