Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One or two steps forward

Lazy morning, out of bed by 9:30 or maybe it was 10. Hgl meter says 10. Spook was on and off the bed as I was reading on the tablet. She does this thing where if I am way late getting up she walks from the foot of the bed - on the bed - to where she is between my face and the tablet, then jumps off the bed if I try to pet her.

Hgl was high-ish but lower than yesterday. BP was high in the morning but okay in the evening. I gained weight yesterday, lost some of it this morning.

Phone call from someone in India with spoofed NJ phone number saying he had a great job for me with Arris, the company which laid off us all of us 2+ years ago, but it was in a town I did not think they had facilities in. But Arris buys and sells small companies, so you never can tell. He said he would send me a job description, but he never did, even after I left voicemail reminding him.

Email from the Tesla recruiter asking if he can phone interview me sometime between 9:30-11:30 tomorrow. Yay. I suggested 9:30. That might give me enough time to get to the event at CHM, though I will probably be too late for the food.

Still no word on the recent hangouts interview, so I'm writing that off.

Found a few streams on Twitch to amuse me. Lots of Tivo - Masked Singer was pretty good. I had been following the Thailand version for a couple of years, but I like this format better. PTI, Dating Unfiltered was a bit sketchy, Match Game was awful - contestants were lobotomized before taking their seats. 

Sweet & Sour sesame chicken  steamer for lunch, egg rolls for dinner, with an appetizer of defrosted cooked shrimp in bleu cheese dressing.

Went to cut some limes for my famous lime sodas, and cut my finger on the brand new knife which doesn't have the guard at the bottom. Tiny cut, but it bled a lot while I put on a band aid.

Plans for tomorrow:
9:30 phone interview
10-ish drive to CHM 
Noon - maybe hang out across the street at Starbucks
Home, print out and peruse the auction catalog
PM - drive to the auction house for the preview

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