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All the things and then some accomplished today, and it was a lot of aerobic exercise.

Stayed in bed till 10:30 because I was up very late and I knew I had a lot of work to do and was not real eager to face it. I had it all planned out in my head since waking up, which made it more daunting.

Wore a t-shirt for a change - I have about a hundred of them, hanging in the closet arranged by subject. Upper left is theater, then sci-fi then humor followed by shirts with my name on them. Lower left is Thailand, then international travel. Upper right is right to left - Seattle then CA travel and X-rated.

So from the upper right came Niles Canyon RR. Purple & yellow on blue.

Breakfast banana & HB egg while I checked FB and the full backup of drive E, my 8TB drive which has about 4 TB of photos and videos and all my docs. It takes all day, backing up to an 8TB NAS drive. I turn off the display most of the day. Also have to make room for the new series of backups by deleting the previous Drive E backups.

There was one storm chaser active and later the metal detector guy. But first:

-moved the coffee table and recliner off of the main rug
- tossed all the small throw rugs and the TV antenna pieces onto the sofa
- vacuumed the big rug
- rolled up the big rug along its short side and leaned it against the piano
- vacuumed the carpet
- took the full kitchen trash bag outside to the garbage bin and moved things to clear a path for the new rug from the laundry room to the living room
- emptied the vacuum into the now-empty kitchen trash
- maneuvered the big rug into the living room, and little by little unfolded it and pulled it into place
Spook helped. She loved playing on all the bumps and ridges like it was an E ticket ride

The new rug is a lot longer and wider than the old one, so only one of the three throw rugs was placed partway under the sofa and partway out to hide the surround sound speaker wire
- moved the recliner back in place onto the new rug
- moved the coffee table back in place
- rolled up the two not-used rugs
Plopped into the recliner, turned on the fan, and recovered for a bit. Got some soda water & ice from the kitchen and plopped back into the recliner again.

Online, checked to confirm Goodwill accepted area rugs. Put the three rugs into the car, drove them to the big Goodwill between MV and Sunnyvale, and donated them.

On to Ranch 99 which has car chargers - my battery was down to 20%, good for 33 miles. None of the chargers was free. Parked in a waiting space and went shopping. Lamyay, mainly.

Back to the car, someone else had plugged in to the next available machine. Boo hiss.

Home for a pit stop, then to Grocery Outlet. Both charging stations choked on me. Evgo support was no help, wanted to blame it on my car.  Bought some stuff on my list at GO then home and plugged the car into the trickle charger. It's too cold and windy to go back to GO and try again tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Home again, low blood sugar from all the exercise, medicated with ice cream sandwiches bought for the purpose at GO.

Watched more live streams, then baked some popcorn chicken and ate it with hummus** and nuked some creamed corn. Dessert was mango chunks and grapes. Watched most of the AAF game, Birmingham Iron vs Atlanta Legend. I don't know how Atlanta rates a team, or where these people came up with the stupid names. Birmingham won, both teams showed why their players are not in the NFL. I think 90% of the passes were dropped. Few of the running plays got past the line of scrimmage. They don't do kickoffs and extra points are only 2-point plays, kickers only get to punt and kick field goals. I think if kickoffs are banned so should punts be. Just give the ball to the other team x yards past the line of scrimmage.

** Next time, use the ranch dressing dip

Drank one more tall can of Thai tea. Love that stuff.

Collected the rest of the garbage and wheeled the bin to the curb. No longer recycling, so there is more in the garbage bin because Sunnyvale has failed miserably to find buyers for most of our recycled waste.

Watered all the indoor plants. Spook likes to dip her paw into the water under the big orchid to groom herself. It's charming to see her jump onto the table and lay down under the big leaves and do that. If I try to video her, she bolts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone interview at 10 am with Tesla QA manger. They sent me a URL to log into during the call.
Try to top off the car battery at GO
Maybe get my nails done
Maybe get a massage

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