Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting Closer

Up with the alarm, but got caught on the tablet, this time with a new novel by one of my favorite Sci-fi writers. The Calculating Stars: A Lady Astronaut Novel by Mary Robinette Kowal. I like her writing because she has a knack for surprise twists and a positive message, but this one begins with much of the east coast being blown off the map.

When I went to take a shower, AG called, missed it. Monday morning I should have expected it.

But I was also waiting for a 10 am Tesla hiring manager phone interview, so taking my meds & breakfast was a priority.

The call went well, he asked all the right questions, no coding required. The deal is a contract-to-hire arrangement, which is reasonable these days.

The car had been plugged in overnight, but only got up to 60%, so I went looking for chargers. The ones at Grocery Outlet are flaky, the next nearest is supposed to be in the Great America/Levi's parking lot but I couldn't find it. Could be in the garage, but that would cost $$ to park. Next on the map was in the convention center [free] garage a block away. After a lot of driving around, I found a fast charger but it belongs to Blink, a network I had not linked my card to, and online it wouldn't link. So back to Ranch 99, which had a free DC charger. I plugged in and was planning on staying in the car, but remembered I had a short shopping list so I ducked into Nob Hill Foods for half an hour. Expensive trip, I bought a whole cooked Dungeness crab, and all their S-B 82% chocolate bars which were $2 off. Also some Polident and band aids. The plastic ones because the cloth ones unravel. And some HB eggs. And a Sarah Lee banana cream pie.

Home, only junk mail. Put stuff away. Gave Spook some treats. Watched a storm chaser on Twitch who was pointed at a light house on Lake Ontario in NY which was awash in wind-blown waves. Turned on the TV, TWC showed his stream and played an interview with him.

Caught up with the metal detector guy and the regular storm chaser who may actually have a storm to chase tomorrow.

Nuked the rest of the creamed corn for an appetizer, then took apart the crab, put the big shell & innards in a plastic bag and the good stuff on a plate. Brought out a bottle of bleu cheese dressing, poured some of that into the little bowl the corn had been in, got out a fondue fork and a walnut cruncher. Grabbed some paper towels, filled a glass with cola and sat down in front of the TV to watch TWC and bull riding (flip between them to avoid commercials) and little by little consumed the crab with blue cheese dressing as a dip.

Spook loves crab, so I tossed her small pieces from time to time.

This all started after 3 pm, so not lunch or dinner. Dessert was a small piece of banana cream pie which was not quite defrosted yet. I'll leave it out for a while before putting it back into the fridge.

Vacuumed up the mess, Spook found one more large piece to hunker down  on.

Email from the Tesla recruiter with all-good feedback from the hiring manager, and asking me for dates/times which would be good for me to go for an on-site visit/interview. Yay!

No actual dinner, but I baked some Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers, have eaten 2 so far. And a large spoonful of PNB. And an ice cream sandwich. Ginger ale with real ginger.

Watched PTI, today's only Tivo recording. Bachelor is recording right now, probably will watch it tomorrow.

Emailed the Blink support folks when their online registration didn't work, they said they will take my info and set it up through the back end. That set of chargers are almost as convenient as the ones at GO, 2 miles further. But in the garage, and there are several 240v ones as well as the two DC chargers.

Spook has been mostly trying out various spots on the rugs, but seems to prefer wedging herself between her scratcher/bungee balls toy and the sheepskin rug. Go figure.

Printed the rent check. Used less electricity but way more gas.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call AG if he doesn't call first
Online stuff till after lunch.
I don't think Tesla will want me to come in tomorrow, so get my nails done
Hang out with the laptop at Starbucks
Maybe check out The Umbrella Academy on Netflix
Watch The Bachelor - home visits. Should be interesting. He's a chameleon. All the parents will feel comfortable with him except maybe the black one.

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