Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I shouldn't be this tired

Spook climbed on top of me at about 4 am. Middle of my chest. And stayed there for half a minute. All of this is unlike her. I may have made a pit stop or maybe I just went back to sleep. I wonder if she's my sleep apnea alarm. Hmm. Years ago I set up my laptop to record me overnight and found I snored a lot.

Up at 7:30 with the alarm after a quick pit stop at 6.

It was a very slow morning - AG called at about 9, later than usual. His new team is still not using him well, and he's bored.

One recruiter texted and emailed and called with a feasible job opportunity. Until I get an actual offer I'll keep looking.

Watched a couple of streamers, but most of them were having cell signal issues.

12:30 to Peet's had a sticky bun and OJ. Lots and lots of pretty women in tight stretch pants. Watched my two favorite streams, messed around on FB a bit.

3 pm, drove to Kaiser, was way too early for my 4:45 cardiology appointment. Planted myself in a comfy chair in the piano lobby, and thought at first the pianist was pretty good, but after a short time it was clear he was banging the keys full strength, and was just making up stuff from chord progressions. He never played an actual piece. At 4:15 he shut the top of the baby grand, locked the keyboard guard and covered the thing. Pissed me off because the last 100 times I had been there they let anyone play who wanted to. The silence, however, was golden.

4:30 I went upstairs to cardiology & checked in. 4:50 the nurse brought me inside to check BP but said the doctor was running late so wait in the lobby.

She brought me into an exam room around 5:15, bottom line is the doctor was an hour late.

But as usual, she took all the time I needed. She prescribed an extra BP med, and since it was so late I had to walk about a mile to the 24-hour pharmacy in the hospital. Did not get out of there till 6:30.

Home, plugged in the car. Delivered was a pair of NB shoes which were expected yesterday.

Dinner was the rest of the baked beans with a sausage sliced up into it. The last piece of banana cream pie.

Watched the final Masked Singer. They got it backwards. The Bee was by far the best singer, but was 3rd. The Peacock was the best performer, but was 2nd. Monster inexplictly won. Unmasked

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Monster was some 3rd rate singer/songwriter called T-Pain. Peacock was Donny Osmond. Bee was Gladys Knight.

Somewhere during the day I ate a few lamyay.

Spook was being spooky. Another first time thing - she jumped onto one of the small shelves above the bath tub.

It's not big enough for her. She took a look at the shelf above but decided against trying for it.

Have I mentioned that since Spot is no longer harassing her, she is grooming herself a lot, and is clean and fluffy again? One of the reasons I adopted her is how clean she kept herself. She's gorgeous when you can see all the colors.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 7:30
Meds except for the diuretics
9:30 am on the road to Tesla. The current plan is Central Expressway to Page Mill and up the hill to Deer Creek. Slow but direct.
Noon-ish home


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