Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting out a bit

Stayed up till midnight to watch the launch of the SpaceX crew capsule and 1st stage return. Docking won't be till 3 am tomorrow so I'll watch videos of that.

6 am AG texted me inviting me to his son's birthday party tomorrow. Kid's 10, I was at his first birthday party, and was the only non-Vietnamese person there, felt way out of place, so I declined the invite this time. Also wasn't thrilled to be woken up.

A bozo from India kept phoning and texting about a job I'm not qualified for, and didn't get it that I was not taking phone calls this weekend. Somehow he thinks I need to help him scoop the 12,000 other pimps who would only be submitting my resume to a consulting firm I am already working with.   

10 am monthly birthday party at the community center had a good turnout. Blue-eyed Russian girl was there, her name apparently is Mina. She was busy chatting at another table, but that's okay I can't understand her anyway.

No storms to chase. Some Mardi Gras activity online. Kind of dull in FB too.

Mac & cheese with turkey sausage for lunch.

BP med seems to be working, maybe too well. Need to keep an eye on that.

5 pm to Peet's and chatted wit Janice. Next weekend she's in Calistoga for a bridge group. I suggested they replace Trump with Bush.

Dinner while flipping between TWC and the NFL combine was salad, cream corn and baked egg rolls. Why do they waste my time showing everyone running a 440? Nobody runs a straight line from a 3-point stance with one hand behind his back in the NFL. The passing drills were interesting. Every wide-out was black. There were about a dozen of them. Some reverse discrimination there.

Too much food, didn't have room for lamyay or grapes.

BP was low again.

Spook's been acting needy & stand-offish at the same time. Drives me crazy.

It rained pretty hard a few times today, and cleared up in between. 3/4th of an inch total. I pulled out a bunch of Bee's Friend plants which were growing over the culvert. There are also California Poppies coming up, but they are smaller plants, pretty delicate.
Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the rerun of the crew module docking
Stay close to the loo - that new med has a kick.

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