Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, that was boring

Nothing to do all day, so I mostly did nothing. Up with the alarm, the usual morning routine, including the new pill. Lots of trips to the john. There were storm chasers, one in the snow in PA but I mostly watched a pair of women who were heading from Alabama to Florida in search of tornadoes. That was a bust for two reasons, the first is the big tornadoes were behind them (several deaths) and the second is they got stuck in traffic for more than an hour on I-10, for what turned out to be a crash in the other direction. Not tornado debris as they thought.

The regular weekday chaser also streamed, his mom fell and broke her wrist so he drove 60 miles to where she was taken. He had just moved his folks there for less expensive digs.

Lots of politics on FB, some about Cohen - why would a lawyer pay off someone by check? I don't believe that for a minute. And there are several sci-fi fans who have been posting Star Trek memes about Bernie. Bernie is not a fan, he has voted consistently against NASA budgets with the excuse that he would rather feed children than explore outer space. The country can afford to do both. Especially if the 1% are taxed fairly. It's too soon to start picking candidates. Lots will happen between now and the summer of 2020.

BP was high in the morning, and low in the afternoon. Hgl also. I may have skipped lunch. Around 4 pm I was starting to fade, so I plopped into the recliner, raised the leg rest and went to sleep for an hour or so. Spook woke me up by clawing the back of the chair. She wanted treats.

Did two loads of laundry, online ordered some more socks and undies. I kind of destroyed some waist bands by drying them on the cotton setting.

Watched an AAF football game, once again the receivers showed why they aren't in the NFL, but the Birmingham defense showed why they should be. Did not win the game, but only lost by a point. Dinner was Saffron Road lamb vindaloo which drained my sinuses big time. The lamb was excellent but too spicy.

Today's Internet rabbit hole started with I Can See Your Voice/Thailand, after I'd posted an old Thai movie song on a fellow RPCV's page. The guest group is a boy band called 9x9, nine very talented and super-cute singers who don't play instruments and their dance routines are just well choreographed walking - each of them sings a few bars, and the one singing appears out of the crowd. Nice voices, and lots of screaming from the girls in the audience.

From there I followed some talent show singers and then fell in deep to the wedding and proposal flash mobs. There are some excellent ones out there. And a few train wrecks.

Applied for a job at Hitachi which I think I interviewed for before I found the Google job. Definitely a case of age discrimination, but maybe they are older and more experienced now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser lab around 10-11
Asian grocery on the way back because I am almost out of Thai tea. I love the tall cans. But I really should look into making my own - a long time ago when I spent more time in SF, I would go to a Thai market there and buy the powder. Something like a Mr. Coffee to brew it. I wonder if there are Keurig cups. Yes there are, but you have to add the sweetened condensed milk, which I of course have. But the price for the k-cups is the same as the price for the cans.

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