Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wish I was in NOLA

When the highlight of your day is trimming the cat's claws, that's sad. There was no good live coverage on YouTube of the Mardi Gras parades, made me wish I was there. But not really, because the best times I have had there were in early October, the weather is okay, the merchants have run out of summer tourist $$ and have good deals pre-Halloween. And college has just started so there are a lot of buzzed coeds showing their attributes.

The usual breakfast, nothing interesting online, I set up a motion sensor on the front landing by the door, and tried to program it to send a push message when it detected motion, but the thing is way too sensitive and went off when I opened the door, or a bird flew by, or for no reason at all. Pointing it different directions helped, but not enough.

Got tired of watching Spook's claws getting caught in the rug and not being able to extract them from her sponge ball toy, so I grabbed her, sat myself on the sofa, and trimmed her nails. She almost cooperated, but wouldn't let me get one of her thumbs.

My usual chaser was on, but I was late because lunch. Roti with Penang curry dip. It takes a while to fry three roti. Durian popsicle for dessert.

Lots of TWC coverage of the tornadoes. It's a shame they sent out a meteorologist to cover the picking through the rubble story. Hire a real reporter, people. Better still, make some connections with the local TV stations.

PTI, and some other ESPN. Thought about watching Dr. Phil, but he was pretending to be a True Crime reporter instead of himself. Judge Judy was from 2012.

So I washed the comforter, and after it was dry I grabbed the fairly dirty sheepskin rug, plopped it into a dry cleaning bag and into the dryer for half an hour. It's cleaner but could use another round, but I'm out of the wet pads.

Printed checks for the St Patty's day dinner and the community club membership. Put them in an envelope and will probably bring them to the board meeting tomorrow night. Ordered two sets of ink cartridges, because they all seem to run out whether I print or not.

Falafel and garlic hummus for dinner, lamyay and mochi after.

Watched last night's The Bachelor. He had a great day with the one I think is his best match, but his second date [Spoiler (click to open)]got torpedoed when her dad was brought all the way to Portugal and he talked her out of it. She called it off instead of having dinner and Fantasy Room with him, and he quit. Jumped the fence and disappeared. To be continued, but it won't be pretty. Can you spell unrequited?

There's a new Oak Island to FF through, but not tonight.

Job hunt today was a bust. Two recruiters, one geographically ignorant and the other with a support job I'm not capable of - companies often ask for Superman.

Plans for tomorrow:
I should get out and maybe Starbucks.
Buy some Tide pods and look for dry cleaning kits
Try to fix the front door sensor alert
Community club board meeting - & drop off the checks
There may be some job hunting.


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