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Getting their ashes in gear

I already was up (Spook did her dance on my body to let me know she wanted treats now) and was medicated, blood pressured and breakfasted when AG called about an hour later than usual to remind me today was the anniversary of us being laid off. He got a job within a month, and is still there. It took me a lot longer. March to December. And here I am again, December to March. Boo hiss.

Fired up Oak Island on the bedroom mini Tivo and ironed all the Hawaiian shirts on the pile. Watched the in depth episode in the livingroom.

There were some laundry things I needed, so I went to Target, bought them, took them to the car, grabbed my laptop gear and went back to the very large Starbucks inside. Checked email, watched the storm chaser, who was an hour early, and the metal detector - who wasn't interested in digging trough snow to frozen ground so he took us to the top of a state park with a gorgeous panoramic view of the upper Hudson river valley.

Mia (blue- eyed girl) found me - she was there with one of the park women. The one who hosts the monthly birthday parties. Mia apparently used to be a model.

Next stop, Great Clips, a very cute hairdresser trimmed my fur.

On the way back I went through the new McD's drive-thru. Fries and a shake. Brand new building, just opened a couple of weeks ago, replaced the shit hole across the street, which is now rubble.

Home, put stuff away, filled a small bowl with about a dozen ketchup packets and ate the fries with the shake. Lunch?  The fries were good, and Spook begged for one, knocked it about a bit but didn't eat it.  She is having some issues with her newly not-sharp claws. Puzzled why the sponge ball doesn't stick. But she whacks it a good ways.

Fading, tried to take a nap but Spook was having none of it and walked on me again.

Put the sheepskin rug into the dryer inside the dry clean bag with a newly purchased cleaner cloth.

Watched PTI. Spook planted herself where the rug had been. The rug came out cleaner but not as clean as it could be.

No real dinner. Beef jerky & Thai tea. Ice cream sandwich.

6:30, went to the park club board meeting, dropped off the checks for membership and the dinner. Woman from Target was there but not Mia. Shirley is the woman - she told me Mia is autistic, which explains a lot. She also told me that Mia's mother is even more beautiful. Hmmm.

The board meeting was strange, the prez got all hung up on the $50 bingo license, as if that was a big part of the club budget - not at all. She suggested setting aside some of the card fee instead of handing it all out as prizes. Bingo lady objected.

Home, watched the Bachelor talkback session, which I thought was premature since there are two more episodes to go, and they revealed a major spoiler by bringing Him onstage. The last episode we thought he had quit. Bad news is the annoying immature narcissistic midget was hinted to be the next bachelorette. That's a train wreck waiting to happen. But maybe not - she's annoying when she's competing, maybe she won't be when she's the prize. I hope she gets her heart broken again.

The porch sensor had been  triggering all afternoon so I removed it from the app and added a different one.  It isn't available - looks like the battery needs replacing. Done, now it won't pair. Grrr.

Got it, set up the alarm, put it on the porch railing facing across the landing. It seems to work.
There was one possible job lead - contract at Hitachi.

Plans for tomorrow:
More job hunt
Get out


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