Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Impulse Buy

Up with the alarm and then told Google to turn off the bedroom lights and didn't get out of bed till 10. BP was way high, as it has been most mornings. Pulse is high too. Email from my cardiologist - she wants me to re-do the labs because my kidney results are nasty. Actually it looks like they ran creatinine twice, once for the cardiologist and once for my regular doctor, and the first one was significantly higher than the second. Same sample.

The usual breakfast, but late, so no real lunch. Went to the Target Starbucks had a latte and a piece of banana bread. Not much eye candy and the women who work there are not attractive and argue with each other a lot. Kind of a shame because it's the nicest one in the area.

Bought some TP, mixed spring salad and canned corn and a clearance ($6) big bottle of Gallo white wine. For fondue. And marinating.

Drove out to my old haunt in Santa Clara, 99 Chicken, Korean place which used to have the best breaded chicken anywhere, paid $45 for 10 each of wings and fried. Took about 20 minutes.

Home, delivered was undies from Jockey and ink for the Epson printer.

Changed the litterbox cartridge, put the TP away. Replaced all the color ink cartridges.

Ate one wing - it was not breaded, just skin. Good but not great. Zipped the rest into bags with 3 pieces each. Most went to the freezer, some to the fridge. Also in the box were two tubs of diced daikon and two small cups of seasoned salt. All that went down the drain.

Watched an episode of Mysteries at the Museum, and PTI. And two of Ex On The Beach. The latter was a much better show for women, shirtless men everywhere. Only three of the women had nice figures, and one of them got kicked out for punching a staffer. Another one is heading that way - she goes nuclear for everything.  The MC can't say a single sentence grammatically, and he slurs his words.

Cooked up a can of corn - not creamed, just normal sweet. Tossed some to Spook but she wasn't paying attention. 50-50 chance it will be gone in the morning. Made a small salad of the leaves. Ate one more piece of chicken, but even the fried was not so good. Thin mints, ice cream sandwich and grapes. I used to start every dinner with salad, got out of the habit, figured I need more roughage.

Ordered two sets of 2019 America the Beautiful quarters (one for baby sister). Also sent in $ for a May the 4th Star Wars night at the San Jose Giants.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
The Orville
Early chicken soup dinner
Movie night
Pizza night (?)

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