Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Day & Night

The usual morning routine. There may or may not have been job prospects - there were two "no thanks" messages.

11 or so to Kaiser for re-do on the lab tests. This time there was no waiting, my arm did not get bruised and the pianist was still loud but he had a guitarist to drown out so he was playing an actual tune, sort of.

Home the long way. Longer than usual due to construction on Wolfe Road, so I took De Anza a good 3 miles off course.

Salad greens, creamed corn and 99 chicken for lunch, 2 matzo balls added. Mochi.

Watched my usual storm chaser. Metal detect guy was with another regular streamer walking the streets of NYC, not something I was interested in.

Kitchen garbage was full, took it outside. More will go out Sunday. Pulled some rampant Bees Friend plants.

Watched two episodes of White Water Gold, the end of the second one they actually found gold where they thought it would be, but since it only took a few minutes to dredge, I'll bet it falls far short of their goal. We'll find out next week. And there was PTI.

Got into bed with the tablet, after half an hour Spook got jealous and hopped onto the bed and head-butted my hand and let me pet her at close range for about 15 minutes. I finally got up and gave her treats.

6-ish, headed over to the center for movie night. War Games was as good as I remembered it, but now the ancient computer equipment was familiar. They got the acoustic modem tone wrong though. Ally Sheedy was much more limber than I remembered.

Home for a bit, not enough time to watch The Orville before heading for pizza night in Saratoga. The direct way on surface roads took too long, will use the freeways next time. Nobody was there at 9:30, people arrived an hour later. The host reminded me 10:30 is the usual start time. 

Home by freeways.

In the mail was the replacement EDD debit card. It is activated now. They only changed the code number on the back and the expiration year.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go to the auction, but maybe later and don't stay as long. I really don't need to be spending money right now.
Come to think of it, maybe I'll do something else because I went for rugs and tables and got them.

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