Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I will spring forward tomorrow

I used to enjoy going around at 2 am changing all the clocks. I had a lot of them. Then there was a period when most of my clocks were internet radios, which set themselves, but the company discontinued them and stopped providing the streaming service.

Now that Congress has left DST alone for a while, my computers all set themselves, cell phone too. Most of my clocks have a DST switch. Not the oven or the microwaves. I'll find out in the morning if the Leaf switches. The Ford did not - it defaulted to the GPS setting, Universal Standard Time which I had to fix manually.

There is a good chance that this will be my last change. CA, OR, WA and BC have legislation pending to lock in Daylight time. Congress does too but the Republicans will block it.

Breakfast subbed fig bars for egg because I ran out of HB eggs, didn't want to boil more, didn't feel like cooking up best of eggs. It was almost 11 before I ate anything - got caught up watching storm chasers. There were two who were headed for tornado country, but they got their map readings wrong and never made it. No tornadoes anyway.

Car was down to half a charge, so I drove out to the tech center garage to try the Blink chargers. It was a mess - there was one of those phony recruiting events, and the coneheads were out in force, keeping traffic from where I needed to go. Got to the fast charger machine and it was broken. The half-fast charger wanted a code scanned, and 59 cents an hour. My card is supposed to be enough, and it's supposed to be free. 

So, back to GO and plugged in there. I needed sweetened condensed milk and 2% milk, and also got some beef franks.

Too cold to wait in the car so Specialty's for a pecan bun and OJ.

Home, returned a text from Marcus. He's a twin, and had built his sister a PC but when he moved it to her room the display stopped showing the boot-up or anything else. Phoned him, but he was away from home when he texted, said he would call when he got home. He's about 12, pretty sharp.

Did some online stuff. BofA killed my auto-transfer from the EDD card when I activated the new one, so I had to do it by hand and set up auto again.

Made a salad, heated up pizza, started watching The Orville and was right at the "shoot him!" point when Marcus called.

I wasn't much help, except it sounds like part of the problem is he had HDMI on the motherboard but also installed an HDMI graphics card, which is totally a waste for his sister's needs. He'll pull that and try building from scratch again. PIA but he's already done all the troubleshooting I would have done. It had been working, just moving it to another room should not have borked it.

The Orville somehow made it through an entire episode without a gay rights theme. It could actually have been a legit Star Trek episode.

Lamyay for dessert.

Did not go to the auction. I was there for tables and rugs, got those, I'm done.

When Marcus texted I was about to go for a massage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change clocks
Janice Starbucks - Mountain View
Take out the garbage
Probably will be tornado chasers on Twitch to watch

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