Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One thing leads to another

Last night I cooked up six eggs which had been in the fridge for weeks. One was bad - it floated, the rest came out way too soft so I boiled them again, still too soft. Breakfast was one of those and a banana, and then I boiled the remaining three and they seem to be good. I will know for sure over the next 3 days.

Not a lot of FB or Twitch activity.

Got email from a pimp in response to an application I made for a mobile tester. He wanted to have me add mobile testing to my resume. The pimps are managed by anal-retentives who don't trust hiring managers to recognize a qualified candidate unless the exact key words are in the resume. I don't need to be represented by them.

Later in the day another pimp from the same company asked me about the same job. I referred her to the first pimp. It was at the end of her day, I may hear again tomorrow, but probably not.

Off to Starbucks at the Mercado. There were zero people lined up to see Captain Marvel or anything else. There were no humans in the booths, they were only using the machines.

Got my favorite seat in Starbucks, so much eye candy! I tried one of their lunch snacks - 2 HB eggs, apple slices, PNB, grapes, cheese. not bad.

Home when the place started getting packed. Watched my favorite chaser, and then metal detector guy.

Football on Tivo ate a lot of time. Dinner early, penne pasta with meatballs chopped up into marinade. Not as good as meat sauce. I think Mr. Newman's best isn't. The disposal is calling to it. Even garden grown oregano, rosemary and sage could not save it.

Watched some NFL network, and then started fading so I curled up in bed with the tablet and looked for videos. Did not get up till 10:30, too late to watch The Bachelor.

Not feeling well. Kind of dizzy and disoriented, BP was low but pulse was high. Hmm.

Cardiologist asked me to cut the latest BP pill in half, take more labs in a week, prep for switching to a BP med in the evening.

There's a $3 seniors lunch program not far from me, I may check it out tomorrow - get out of the house, meet new people. It's a bit early, 11 am, but I'll try to make it.

Turns out the Tom Smith guesting at Consonance is the one I adore. Here are two reasons why:


Plans for tomorrow:
Senior Lunch
Job hunt

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