Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Impulse 1 fulfilled impulse 2 denied

This morning's first impulse was to go to the $3 senior hot lunch program. It was twice as far as I remembered it (I went there a few times for a chorus group a few years ago) but not too far for lunch.

Very big hall, as I remembered it, pleasant people at the check-in. They gave me a form to fill out at home and bring back, after that I  get an ID card with a bar code they scan. Federally subsidized. Most of the folks eating were older than me and Chinese. It wasn't crowded so I sat by myself, no brave souls joined me. As soon as I sat down servers brought me a cup of salad and another one of cantaloupe chunks. A few minutes after I finished those, they brought a plate half filled with kernel corn and half spaghetti and meat sauce. Same thing I had for dinner last night, basically. There was a school lunch sized carton of 1% milk. No dessert. Coffee optional.

A band was playing jug band music - two banjos, a piano, a washtub bass and sometimes an off-key singer, one male and one female. It was not as painful as it could have been. People were dancing. They change bands every day, DJ on Thursdays. I'll go tomorrow for the paperwork, and Friday for the corned beef. After that it depends.

Home, watched The Bachelor from last night until 1:30, then back to the computer to watch the chaser and metal detector - who was geocaching quite successfully. Then back to finish the TV show - which continues tonight. Bachelor broke two hearts, and the difference in how the two women reacted was night and day. The woman of color, T, saw how upset B was, and consoled him. She didn't fall apart until he had gone. The entitled rich southern blonde, H, who got through life on her looks, was all about herself. She made it very hard on B. At the reunion segments, T was still all about B, but grateful for the experiences. H has blocked him out, he's dead to her.

Followed the directions on the heavy cream carton to make whipped cream, but it tasted bad - too much vanilla, not enough sugar. More sugar helped, but I need to dump it and try again. Sure wish I had an industrial mixer - the hand held takes ages.

Delivered was a box of 50 biz card holder sheets, 10 cards to a shaat. Filled three from the stack of cards next to the printer. Two driver's licenses and a stat senior ID car which looks like a DL, plus other stuff.

Time in bed with the Kindle app and Spook, then chicken wings and tater tots for dinner.

And then the hunt for a massage. First stop was a place I used to go regularly, not far away. It has been remodeled out of existence, and the nearby place which looked good on Yelp has turned into a legit Thai open plan place, even has legit Thai name. No privacy. I hate those places.

On to the one way past where I used to work which I had been going to for a while. I was hoping it was still there because I needed a restroom. It was empty - for rent sign. Police probably shut it down. Back along that road is a Target, so I did a sodastream exchange and used the restroom.

Home, and here I am. I may stay up late and watch the final final The Bachelor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe skip breakfast, what with lunch at 10:30
Drive out to the massage place by Jake's pizza. It's still there.
More job hunt
Some Tivo stuff
Read the news sites

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