Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Knew I Woke Up For A Reason

Totally crashed at 8:30, took my meds early, went to bed. Slept till 10:30. Could have stayed in bed but there was some unfinished business like this journal.

Did not set an alarm last night, but the lights come on at 7:30. I told Alexa to turn them off and I went back to sleep till 9.

Up and out by 10:30, brought my filled out form to the senior lunch. Sat in the same place as yesterday, but was soon surrounded by elderly Chinese regulars who didn't speak much. Should have brought my tablet.

The band was much better, the singer has a great voice, and there was a lot of dancing.

Food wasn't so good. The little salad was fine, but for fruit they gave each of us an orange, we all took ours home, no good way to eat it there. Two lightly breaded bland chicken strips, ranch dressing to put on them, mixed veggies, a wheat roll, and criss cut fries the size of silver dollars. 1% milk, coffee optional. There was also lemonized ice water in a pitcher which I had some of.

Home, watched Tivo - NFL channel timed to see Kyler Murray at the pro day, but got the two hours prior instead. Almost 2 hours of BS about OBJ's trade.

Impulse kicked in, I drove to the car wash massage place, it is open again and almost as good as before. The massage was way too strong, but she lightened up a bit toward the end. Next time I need to ask for light, not medium.

Home, dumped the over-vanillaed whipped cream and made a new batch with just the cream and sugar. Came out great. Poured some into a small bowl with some grapes for a treat. But it's too much work, I'm going back to pressurized cans.

Watched part of Oak Island Dig Deeper until it was clear there was nothing new. Continued on to the regular episode, in which they found and got opinions on several new finds, and sent a diver out to see if what had showed on LIDAR was man made. It wasn't. They have gone completely off on tangents, the original target has caved in. No amount of treasure will pay off what they have wasted on this obsession.

Facebook has been borked all day, very frustrating. Twitch is fine, watched one streamer tour the San Diego Zoo panda exhibit.  
Dinner was too much reheated pizza, and mochi. I think that's what made me crash.

Anyway, woke up, put on a robe, measured BP, went on YouTube to see that all Kyler Murray did was a bunch of passes. Better than nothing.

I'm on Twitch in the background, listening to a Vegas roadside assistance guy.

What else? Job hunt only turned up something at Google, and the recruiters offered jobs in Iowa, Glendale and Florida. All Indians.

Plans for tomorrow aka later today
Nothing. Not going to senior lunch till Friday

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