Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Self-Imposed Boredom

The plan was to do nothing today, so I did nothing.

Until I was bombarded with Indian pimps - three actual possible job leads in about 2 hours. It would be nice if one of them came through. There is supposedly a phone or skype interview for one on Saturday.

Woke up several times during the night, Spook was on the bed till the usual 4 am pit stop.

Had to toss the last HB egg - it smelled like sulfur. Substituted a Kind bar.

The storm chasers were out in force, as many as 4 at the peak, but none of them found a tornado, and only one lasted past EDT sundown. More tomorrow, I figure. FB was back up. They think they were hacked, but my IT professionals say it was more likely a targeted DOS attack. I think Comcast was also targeted because I could still get through on Verizon.

Snacked on some turkey sausage slices and dumped the last grapes into the now-melting whipped cream.

Salad and 99 chicken for lunch, with kernel corn. Mochi.

Watched the NFL channel a lot, Kyler Murray interview showed a quiet young man with zero charisma and if he's taller than me I'll be surprised. He is not particularly articulate, but I will hand it to him - he speaks grammatically. I don't see him leading an NFL team.

Spent some time on Twitch making more readable emoticons for my stream. They did not show up in the chat window, turns out Twitch needs to bless them first.

Ate some salad and then egg rolls for dinner, and an ice cream sandwich. I miss the mint chip ones, GO doesn't carry them. Checked Tivo for more things to record, did not find any Bachelor spin-offs. Did find Station 19, will watch an episode tomorrow (on the machine now). Mostly for the Seattle nostalgia.

Back to the PC, was watching the Vegas roadside assistance guy when my eyes would not stay open, so I got undressed and took a nap. Went to bed first. Got a bit more than an hour's sleep.

Up, awake, watched two episodes of Ex at the Beach.  Where do they get these strident, shout over you a mile a minute women? One good thing is they know how to flounce. I watch it for the butts.

Bad boy time scooped some mint chip ice cream, topped with sweetened condensed milk.

And here I am at 11:05, need to take meds and hit the sack.
Plans for tomorrow:
No breakfast
Sr. lunch is corned beef (bring the tablet & stand)
Watch storm chasers
Job hunt follow ups

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