Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lunch was a mixed bag

No breakfast, no diuretics, I got there at 10 to hear the band, but they packed it up early to make way for an Irish children's dance performance. Kind of a scattered recital - they had about a dozen mix and match groups, and the first few pieces were non-Irish music loops. Eventually they had Irish music, and the older kids (16-ish) kicked really high. Middle school girls were in bright sequined gymnast uniforms. They all did well, but so many people got up to video that I couldn't. They did not get on stage, they used the dance floor in front.

One of the handlers had a t-shirt which said "shenanigator"

The food was so-so. The corned beef was two thin slices of industrial meat, hard to cut, the cabbage was good, so was the baby carrot and peas and the little boiled potato. The first thing they handed out was a cupcake, then a whole apple and a carton of 1% milk. No salad. Our table was served late because our server took time out to watch the dancers. Surrounded again by old Chinese people.

GO on the way home, needed fruit & whipped cream. Ended up spending $60 while the car charged. And I did not get half of what I was tempted to. I have more than enough food in the house.

Today was a special day:

Home, eventually USPS delivered two packages of prescriptions.

Broke the electric can opener, bought a battery operated hands-free replacement at GO but it did not work. No cutting blade. Need to order a replacement for the A/C one.


It was a quiet day for the job hunt until about 4, a guy with a Brit accent was pimping a contract job for a company in Sunnyvale. I had applied for that job in July, had a video interview but they said no. I seem to remember they wanted a programmer. The job description the guy sent was the same, it said they required 3 years of C++ and the job included developing automation scripts. I emailed him back that it didn't look like a fit, but he should call the hiring manager to find out about the programmer part. We'll see.

The usual storm chaser and metal detector on Twitch, no other storm chasers though there were plenty of storms. Most of these people have day jobs and only chase on weekends.

Dinner was a mess, I put some Trader Joe's spanikopita in the oven, but it came out soggy. Refrozen too often. Tossed it and baked up some fish sticks. Tried tartar sauce from GO, but it turned out to be highly peppered thousand island. Tossed that and made my own mayo and sweet relish sauce.

Cut up some strawberries and whip creamed them for dessert.

Spook was pretty playful today, I kept her spinning feather on a stick toy going. Also played soccer with her new sponge ball.

Played the piano for a bit. Irish tunes mostly. Hope I didn't scare the neighbors.

Watched a couple of episodes of Gold Rush. It is amazing how much socializing they cover and how little actual mining.

Tivo forgot to enable the Hallmark channel, so I missed my friend Nancie making pies. She posts lots on FB and Insta, but I'd rather see it on TV.

BP was high in the morning, low after dinner. Almost fainted getting up from the computer.

Shirts are in the washer. May do jeans tomorrow.

Streamed a little, only had 2 visitors though.

Filled the hummer feeders and sat out on the porch for a bit. Sunny and warm, no wind.

Plans for tomorrow:
More job hunt - not expecting much
Water the indoor plants
Corned beef & cabbage dinner at the community center (this one cost $11.50 so it ought to be good)


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