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Spook was in bed when I was, she had all the comforter again. Not a huge problem because now that we are having warm weather and the sun is hitting the house all day, it was 77° in the bedroom. The usual 4 am bail, I got the comforter back and it was cold in the bedroom.

Up at 7:30 with the alarm & lights. 9:30 almost before I stopped reading in bed. Put shirts in the dryer and jeans/t-shirts in the washer, picked out a mostly green Hawaiian shirt and a fresh pair of jeans. Considered jeans shorts, but it wasn't quite warm enough.

BP was high. Hgl was high.

Loaded the dishwasher, which cleared the sink for cleaning the cat water fountain. While I was cleaning it I once again remembered that it is dishwasher safe. Oh well, maybe next time. It wasn't too dirty, but the filter did need changing.

Swiffered the kitchen, which needed it 2 weeks ago. Sure sign of depression that I didn't even notice it till I started exposing the floor.

Watered all the indoor plants. Spook whined at me to water the lime trees. She apparently likes to nibble on the undergrowth which has popped up at the base of all three of them.

Sat on the porch to work on my skin cancer tan and saw Lou and Margie across the street coming out. Lou was trying to wheel the garbage bin, so I walked over to remind him he was a day early and WTF is he doing that himself for? He can barely walk now, and he has home care people to do that. Turns out the reason I haven't seen his big black pickup in the driveway is his doctors reported him to the DMV and they revoked his license. Up drives a Tesla, a couple they are related to, his son's age, to take them away for Margie's birthday.

When I got back across the street Spook was in the front window meowing at me. I had opened the window a crack. But that's her usual place when I'm out front.

Not a lot happening online. Two episodes of Gold Rush to watch on Tivo.

Breakfast was a banana and a soufflé with sharp cheddar. Lunch started with a salad and was supposed to be lox on a bagel, but the lox was moldy so I just defrosted some shrimp and spread salmon cream cheese on a toasted bagel with a slice of Swiss. Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

5:30-ish, walked to the community center for the St Paddy's Day dinner. The appetizers were woefully healthy but the mini chicken franks saved the day. Three women shared the table, all older than me, one lives here the other two were visitors. The dinner was almost the same food as the lunch yesterday, but the quality was miles above. Real corned beef brisket, 1/4 of a cabbage, I left the boiled potato alone, mixed veggies. For dessert there was tiny watermelon pieces in a cup with blueberries,  and a shamrock cookie on the side.

I did not win any of the three door prizes, which is okay because it was two loaves of bread and a plant. I didn't buy 50-50 raffle tickets because somehow every time that is won by someone on the staff. And it was again. There was a trivia contest, but it became a free for all, and there was only one question I knew the answer to before it was guessed. But so did 6 others.

Home, started watching Oak Island,  but the first recording was an old rerun, and the second was an 11-minute (including commercials) teaser.

Flipped between women's gymnastics and NBC weekly mystery, then Child Master Chef replaced gymnastics. The 12-year-old chefs were ridiculous. "I have a more sophisticated palate than most" came out of their mouths at least 3 times. Gag me. At 12 they have no idea what that really means. And they all thought they were perfect. The weekly mystery was never fully resolved. A clear case of the perps being smarter than the police.

Clothes are on the bed waiting to be re-filed. Dishwasher can wait. Need to take my evening meds and re-fill the weekly pill boxes.

Delivered was a pair of America The Beautiful quarters proof sets (one for baby sister). Plus a pair of bonus new design pennies.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe drive out to the historic farm for sheep shearing & David Maloney. I should check if that's tomorrow. Checked, nope.


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