Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Explosions and More bleeding

Last night was awful. Revenge of the boiled cabbage, and maybe the unripe mango chunks. Serial explosive events on the ceramic throne from about 1:30 am till maybe 4 am. Popping three more immodium only helped a little.

Up with the alarm, but stayed in bed reading. Spook walked between the tablet and me, rubbing her face on the USB cord. She also nibbles on it a little. I know she was fresh out of treats, but she had to wait till I was showered and dressed. Feeling better, only one more burst from the methane production facility which is my stomach.

Breakfast was a banana and a Kind bar. BP was high, Hgl was higher. There was recruiter email, mostly repeats and one for Plano, TX. Get a map, people.

Cut my finger last night digging through the garbage bag for the can opener. I probably cut it on a can lid. Was planning on getting a manicure today, but the band aid is in the way.

Watched an episode of Vikings in America, which was quite good, educational, and the searchers are professionals, though their search methods are sometimes not as well thought out as they could be. Trying to read the runes on an underwater rock as the tide came in was not the best plan.

Pulled in the garbage bin and then drove to Kaiser to re-re-re-test for Dr.G. I think something didn't get filed because (a) only one vial instead of the usual 3 and (b) no results yet.*** Hmmm. Needed the newly remodeled restroom before and after.

Chinese grocery on the way back, cans of Thai tea and roti. And shrimp won tons.

Home, put stuff away, checked email and FB and Twitch. Lunch was congee, I threw in some older won tons but they had been left out too long before being put back in the freezer and were spoiled, so I had to scoop those out. The matzo ball saved the day. Coconut water on the side and also ginger ale. The congee hit the spot, but something seemed to be missing.**

Getting up from the PC, it was either lie down or fall down, so I took a nap for an hour. Spook spent the time on the bedroom window sill, window is open a crack, smelling the neighborhood.

Up and dressed, grabbed the selfie stick/tripod and put it in the car. Backed up the car and brought the recycle bin back in. Then off to Baylands Park to hand in my season pass form. No one in the booth, so I'll have to try again. Parked, took the camp chair out, set up the selfie holder and streamed from there. But almost as soon as I started, the only drone flyer packed up and left. I moved over to the benches overlooking the wetlands area, and streamed from there.  Several friends from storm chasers checked in. A GBH made an appearance in the wetlands. After about half an hour the metal detector guy "raided" my channel, giving me 20 more viewers. But after maybe 5 minutes I ran out of cell data and had to turn it off.

GO, plugged in the car and went inside for corned beef on sale, more whipped cream, and the **missing ingredient - bacon.

Home, set aside the corned beef for now, got out the chopping board and sliced the package of bacon into small strips across the grain. Hauled out my flat bottomed wok and stir fried it into bacon bits.

Streamed a game of marbles, didn't have many players but one was from Champagne IL, one from Saudi Arabia and one from New Orleans.

Emptied the chicken broth into a bowl, along with a packet of cooked rice, added six of today's won tons, and tossed in the bacon. Nuked in the microwave for 15 minutes, 3 minutes at a time.

Excellent congee. The bacon is what was missing. BBQ pork would have done as well, but more expensive.

Watched PTI and an episode of Shark Tank.  

***Med tests just came in, they are all better than last time. I am surprised.

Plans for tomorrow:
Baylands, drop off the form and maybe hang out
Dr. G will probably prescribe something new for me
Crock pot the corned beef if I don't do it tonight
Maybe stream my hummingbird feeder

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