Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slow Day

Spook was curled up on top of the cloth cube I bought recently, which had been ignored in the livingroom, so I moved it to the corner of the bedroom by the open-ish window. The space is fleece lined, and is a little bit smaller than she is so she kind of folds herself in half to fit.

Woke up to the aroma of corned beef - I shoved both huge slabs into the crock pot last thing last night, set to slow cook for 10 hours.

BP was high, HGl lower than yesterday but still high.

Let the crock pot finish then turned it off.

Took the packet for sister to the PO along with a bunch of forever stamps, but it was more than I had stamps for, the nice lady figured out the difference and I put it on my debit card. Need to email sis to check her PO box Friday.

On to Baylands, dropped off the season pass form, parked by the wetlands, found a bench and watched a very expensive drone and a biplane being flown. Canada geese in the wetlands made it not very interesting. Mallards helped a little. No eye candy.

Home, re-arranged a lot of counter space, put the crock pot outer section and lid away, got the cutting board out, used my BBQ fork to pull the meat out and sliced individual servings with a serrated knife. Labeled a dozen sandwich bags and three freezer bags, and filled them all. The sandwich bags went into the freezer, two freezer bags got tossed into the fridge freezer and one freezer bag with a lot of shredded meat found a space in the fridge.

It was lunch time but I wasn't hungry. Had some chips & dip & Thai tea.

Set the Roomba out to clean the rug, but it didn't do a very good job. Kept straying to places which didn't need it. It warned me to empty the bin, which I did, also changed the rollers. Well, I changed the fuzzy one, but then when I slit open the new bag of the rubber ones I also slit the tip of my finger, and blood came pouring out. Grabbed a few napkins and kept pressure on till I got to the bathroom. Got out a big band aid, lots and lots of blood when I took the napkins off but the band aid stopped that. Added some adhesive tape for good measure. Finger throbbed for a while, it's better now. Depending on how it feels in the morning I may make a trip to urgent care. May not need to, it's my left hand, I have a new bottle of H2O2 and iodine, betadine etc. And at least one more big band aid.

Finished loading the roomba, it picked up more dirt this time, but after a few minutes it was way off course so I put it back in its base.

Nice day, overcast but warm so I set up the phone holder on the porch, pointed it at a hummer feeder and streamed for a couple of hours. Had a couple of chatters, but mostly quiet. Only one hummingbird showed up.

Back inside, watched PTI and some random TV. Weather channel was useless, replaying top 10 floods from 5 years ago.

Caught my regular storm chaser and the metal guy on Twitch.

Corned beef on rye with horseradish sauce, cream corn after a salad. Strawberries and grapes and whipped cream. Earlier in the day I finished the leftover custard, it was okay but thicker than expected. There's a whole pie waiting.

There were a couple of job prospects to apply for. And one from NJ to ignore.

Energy Dept. sent email that they couldn't make out my lease agreement, which is what held up my commuter stickers, so I scanned it in again. Took two tries to get it - 2x legal length onionskin paper my scanner can't handle easily.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
re-wrap finger, decide whether it needs professional help

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