Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It rained a little

Did not take a shower this morning because I took off the bandage, the finger started bleeding again so I re-bandaged and taped it. Did not want to get it wet. If I shower tomorrow it will be with a latex glove on. It's going to take a while for the finger to heal.

AG called but I was still in bed so I let it ring.

Email from Dr. G, she is putting me on a new BP drug to be taken after dinner. Ordered it from Kaiser, it has already shipped. Probably see it Friday.

Amazon subscriptions are en route as well, though they are not due till the 25th.

Breakfast - banana & Kind bar

Lunch - salad and red seedless grapes 

Dinner - corned beef soup with corn, tater tots & shrimp won tons. Mochi.

Only went outside briefly, no mail. No deliveries. Bee's Friend plants are about to bloom. Poppies are not.

The street was slightly wet this morning, did not get much wetter all day. Pretty clouds, I streamed from the porch for a while but got interrupted by a phone call from a pimp who did not understand that if a job description lists Python as one of three technologies used in the job, they will not be hiring me. He doesn't care, he gets points for each warm body he signs up.

I checked the CalJobs site, nothing new there. They have a horribly slow web site.

Email from the Cal energy program, my $2500 rebate was approved, a check will be on its way. But no word about my commuter stickers. Went to their web site, and there was another form to fill out, and they wanted $22, so that is in the mailbox now.

While I was streaming someone donated some "bits" and I heard the audio alert but the image did not show up. I spent some time in Streamlabs fixing that. I think.

Watched PTI and channel surfed to some Animal Planet game warden drek.

Email from Seattle friends who are long time Starbucks shareholders, they always go to the annual meeting. This year's was pretty lame - no goodie bag, mediocre musical guest, the only freebie was a fill-it-yourself bag of the basic Pike Place coffee beans. They spared all expense. The CEO did not show up for the first time ever. 

We had clear enough skies to see the moon tonight. Bad cell phone pic:

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing in particular
Maybe call the advice nurse about my finger
Maybe a trip to the big Safeway for band aids and ice cream sandwiches & popsicles
Call AG

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