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Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

When I was a boy, ice cream sandwiches came in vanilla and Neapolitan (1/3 each vanilla, chocolate and strawberry). Always between two soft chocolate cookies. Well, not really cookies but something which your fingers could sink into, and part of the pleasure was licking off your fingers when the ice cream was gone.

Today they also come in mint chocolate chip ice cream, Lucerne (Safeway's house brand). They were on sale and on my shopping list, so I bought 2 boxes. Also on my list was sugar free popsicles, I bought 3 boxes, different flavors. Also on my list was Right Guard spray, 2-pack on sale, and capers. Sliced black olives, marinated artichoke hearts and creamed corn. And lox, but lox is so expensive I only got one 3-oz packet. Costco used to be lox heaven, but their prices haven't been competitive for years. Next to the lox, on sale, was herring in sour cream sauce, so I got one of those. The price is lower because the jar is smaller. :-(

My diuretic kicked in before I got to the pre-made salad section, so I checked out, put stuff in the car, came back to use the restroom and since there were frozen things in the car, drove home. Almost stopped off at another Safeway but thought better of it. I won't be eating at home this weekend, so salad will only wilt.

Home, put stuff away, took the phone out on the porch and streamed the hummer feeder and clouds for an hour. 4 visitors, only 2 chatted. Inside, watched my fave storm chaser who ended his stream by linking it to a storm chaser driving from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens. We had a nice chat, he actually grew up where I did, 20 years later. And there was a woman online who is a storm chaser regular who lives one town over. I stuck with the stream till about 4:30. Nuked a couple of corn dogs for lunch, after eating a salad.

No PTI today, pre-empted by the NCAA BBall tournament. I see Gonzaga walked all over Farleigh Dickinson. One episode of Mysteries At The Museum. Two episodes of NFL Draft preview. They did very good human interest stories on the players. Some tragic tales, some seriously Entitled™ kids too. Most (?) from single parent homes with multiple siblings.

Went outside to check the mail - there was none. The Bee's Friends are starting to bloom. I predict bees by Monday if not tomorrow. Roses are budding too. The poppies are still just looking like ferns. On the side garden, mint and oregano are pickable, but I'll let them grow and go to seed. I should move the lavender bush, but I don't know where to.

Delivered were two Amazon subscriptions - eye drops and Kind bars. Cat treats are on their way. And maybe paper plates? Or did I get them last month?

On FB, my middle sister's filmmaker niece was asking if she should post online regularly, so I suggested a video blog. She is all about film production and thought it would be too much effort, scripting, recording, editing, making it perfect. I replied that it didn't need that kind of effort. She wasn't buying that so I recorded a FB Live clip tagged to her, just to show how easy it is. I doubt she will do it, but she'll get the point.

Back to Tivo, two episodes of Ex on the Beach  but one was just a repeat of last week. It claimed to have additional content, but didn't.  Then the finale, which ended as expected for the most part. I don't think the lie detector results were valid, only one positive out of 3 questions times a dozen people? The MC is a joke, he sounds like a grade school dropout. All the players were more articulate. Now I need to find another show featuring bikini clad women. Tivo search is no help at all. Under "you might also like" it is showing crime scene dramas and stupid G-rated sitcoms.

Channel surfed to Project Runway and was impressed that they sent home the pretty blonde woman with the unique name and no design or construction skills, and kept the short squat woman of color whose work was a mess because at the last minute they gave her a tall, plus-sized model instead of a runway model like everyone else got.

Spook has been acting strange. She has begged for treats two or three times, but when we walked into the kitchen there were plenty of treats already in the usual place. Pouring out some more helped a little, but she mostly just walked away and went to the water fountain. In the livingroom she has been playing with big toys she had not touched in a while.

Dinner was kernel corn, a serving of corned beef and a piece of rye bread with schmaltz. Salad first. Lay's original chips before that with the last of the dip. A slice of home made custard pie with some banana slices on top. I forgot the whipped cream.

And I think the ice cream sandwich count for the day is 3, and 4 popsicles.

Checked the Consonance web site, they finally have the program up.  Turns out they don't start tomorrow till 7 pm, and they raised the weekend rate to $65 (from $60). I may head over there early to beat traffic.

In finger news, the bandage survived a shower. At Safeway I bought some waterproof ones, I'll change that in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt (got one potential lead today from NJ, probably will get a follow up tomorrow)
Storm chasers
The Orville ?
Stream from the porch if the clouds are interesting, or if there are bees.
Consonance. Hear some good filk, re-connect with old friends. And maybe new ones. Where are my badge labels?

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