Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slow Start To A Long Day

Re-bandaged the finger, after iodining it. It hardly bled at all. The dressing I thought was a clear bandage was actually just a thin plastic film to protect a bandage, so I used a big Band Aid as before, and sealed it and taped it. It survived the shower no problem.

It was a cold, dreary morning, drizzling on and off, mostly on. Banana and Kind bar, lots of time in FB and Twitch. Got real bored and fired up my Twitch stream at about 11:30, and had a few people from other streams I follow show up to chat. KCEA was playing on the speakers and they liked the music.

12:30 I made lunch, melted cheese on Jewish Rye. Some kind of ice cream for dessert.

In the mailbox was the new BP drug.

That brought me up to the storm chaser stream, and during/after that there were two others actually chasing storms. That lasted till about 4. Or rather, I started falling asleep so I took a nap. Woke up, grabbed the tablet, and soon Spook was on the bed rubbing against the USB cord, wanting to be fed.

Good timing, I got up and poured out some treats, and around 6 got in the car and took the back way to the Crowne Plaza where Consonance is. Took 45 minutes. Lots of Cisco swing shift traffic. The freeway would have been faster, probably. Maybe.

In time to register, and get a good seat for the opening concerts.

Tom Smith kept to his motorized scooter, and only did a couple of numbers. There was a charming woman from Alberta who sang a fun pirate song and a fun Firefly hat song. Her stage name translates as Painted Lady butterfly.

Another woman did a set, she has one of those little girl voices, and her songs rely heavily on the word "dumb". Good ideas not well executed.

Finally the toastmaster concert, which was supposed to be Char herself, but she accumulated several others to sing harmony and play more instruments for a lot of the numbers. Her bestest friend sang backup on most of them, and annoyed the hell out of me because BFF smiled through every number, no matter how morose, as if she was in a choir concert, and she also sang louder than and often ahead of Char. It was as if she thought it was her concert, not Char's. The handful of Char solo numbers were by far my favorites.

One line caught my ear: And the one thing that he never thought to rescue was his heart

After the concerts I went to the con suite, which as usual was too small, crammed, and not as usual had no actual food. Painted Lady was there and I made friends by telling her that her hat song needed someone in the audience to shout "I'll be in my bunk".

Back downstairs, I sat in on the open filk which Tom was in charge of, but there was too much morose and my head hurt so I left.

Best surprise of the night was seeing lemmozine there. He has mostly left LJ and hasn't said much on FB lately, that I could see.

Home, it took about 7 minutes.

Cooked up some mac and sausage and cheese. Custard pie with banana slices and whipped cream.

Loaded up Google Keep with three songs, one was written for last year but I didn't make it. I'll do two tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Consonance by 10 (?) for Painted Lady's Roman music session
I've signed up for two songs at about 12:45
Dinner across the street

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