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No-leak Monday

Amazingly nobody leaked the Mueller report today. The acting AG did a press release covering the high points, which included words to the effect that Trump did not collude with the Russians. Since that was the main reason for the investigation, it's time for the idiot Media to give it a rest.

Meanwhile, Thailand had their first election since the coup 8 years ago, and despite all his promises to the contrary, the General who led the coup and then named himself PM has rigged the election to keep himself in office. Many many polling place irregularities, and ballots from overseas mysteriously delayed past the deadline.

My morning started early. Up at 6, back to bed till the 7:30 alarm. Spook stayed on the bed until I was out of the shower. In the kitchen there were treats in their usual place on the kitchen floor, but she meowed at me till I poured a few more out. And then she ate about half of those.

Hgl was almost normal. BP was lower but still high. The added meds are working. They are not a diuretic, they are more like Viagra in that they relax the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow with less resistance.

Caught up on FB - while I was at the con I tagged the photos I took with the hotel link, this morning I cross-posted them to the Consonance page. Got lots of likes and a few nice comments. The heart throb from Alberta friended me, so I introduced her to my UK cousin Shana who is a kindred spirit.

Nothing at all happening in storm chaser land. None of my favorites were streaming.

My noon Roto Rooter appointment called at 11, said he could be here in half an hour, and made it in 15 minutes. He took a look at my water meter, showed me that there was no activity on it and that even a trickle from the garden house would show up. So there was no leak. Not having to to go under the house made it a free call ($250 otherwise).

So I called the office and asked them to look into it. He called back later when I happened to be out on the carport, so I was able to read him the meter, he compared it to the last reading, and the difference apparently was huge. The meter is new-ish - installed last March - I think it is defective. He'll discuss it with upper management. Meanwhile I won't print my rent/utils check.

I pulled out a crab for lunch, salad first, potato chips & dip somewhere in there too. Went out onto the porch (it was 67°) with a bag of lamyay and fired up Streamlabs on the phone, pointing at the feeder & clouds. I saw a huge hummingbird across the street, but none came to the feeder. No one showed up to chat.

The regular garbage truck was late, and the recycled garbage truck was later. Lou's son brought him out for a walk with his walker, while I was chatting with Lee, so we all chatted for a while. I took some pix of the blooming things in my front garden:

The first rose


Bee's Friend (the flowers will get bluer)

My sister says this is a  Calendula

African Zinia

California poppies

California Lilac - a Ceanothus not a true lilac. Planted about 4 years ago, finally blooming.

In a week or two it's going to be a very colorful, bee-visited garden.

Watched my usual storm chaser and had a nice chat with the usual suspects. Metal detector guy was online but I got distracted by all the FB activity.

Was snacking all day, so no formal dinner. Watched PTI and did some channel surfing, but most of the upper channels were basketball or repeats from 2016 or earlier. Watched Shark Tank in which all but one beggar was given an offer. It was a pair of women from SF (but really from Silicon Valley) who thought they could dazzle the sharks with BS about their algorithm for a clothing exchange web site. It was kind of funny to hear the ringleader revert to a Chinese accent when she was flustered. She started out sounding very American.

I may have played yesterday's AAF game as background noise.

Three recruiter calls today, one with a tech support job for $23/hr. I told him that was minimum wage out here (Indian guy, Jersey area code). He raised it to $25. Turns out to not be tech support, but internal desktop support at the small San Jose branch office of an Indian company. I told him to go ahead, but I know I won't hear anything more. An Indian woman pimp (NJ again) tried to get me to say yes to a job I have already applied for. She claimed she had interview slots, but I'm sure it was with her company, not the hiring manager. She tried real hard, but it was a waste of time. And another call about that same job.

On my own I applied for a couple of positions.

Great America has been advertising an open call every Sunday afternoon, I may check it out this weekend. Maybe there's something theatrical I could do. Opening day was last Saturday. Weekends only I think till summer. I'm sure they hire all season.

It was raining late afternoon, but that did not stop me at about 7:30 from driving to Fry's to buy a high-powered flashlight. Also got a 6-outlet gadget to plug into a 2-outlet wall socket.

Home, will deal with the flashlight in the morning, batteries are included but I need to cut it out of the plastic packaging. Installed the socket thing and plugged in the livingroom fan and web cam, the free socket will be for the vacuum.

Delivered was the balance of my Amazon subscription:
Werthers sugar free caramels (I was out)
A box of boxes of seaweed (still had 2 sets of 3 boxes left)
Two cat treat jars - still have 2/3 of one. Need to change the subscription to 1 a month now that Spook is also eating kibble again
A pound of pistachios (have half a pound left)
A box of chocolate Kind bars (have 3/4 of a box left)
I thought there were also paper plates coming. - just checked, they came last month

Two letters in the USPS mail from the park. One was advising us which chemicals are sprayed on park-owned property, the other was the annual rent increase announcement. Rent goes up in August.

Email from my favorite photo meetup, they are having a portrait lighting workshop next weekend, and I was interested until he said they will be using a manikin. I took one of those from another photog and it was useless without a real model. Portraits for me are all about the eyes, which manikins don't have.

Plans for tomorrow:
It looks like it will be overcast with rain in the afternoon. So no plans
I should watch some Netflix or Amazon Prime

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