Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How Boring Was It?

No new job leads - well, there was one but they were only paying $20/hr for a $40/hr job
No storms being chased
Nothing on Tivo

Spook walked on me when she saw I was awake at 6 and again at 7:30.

Hgl was higher than yesterday but low enough. BP was high, but lower.

The usual breakfast, while checking email & FB.

Cloudy, rain clouds, a wee bit of rain. Raining now.

Before lunch it was in the 60's so I relaxed on the porch, streaming but no one joined the chat.

Salad, Corned beef on rice, Mochi

Watched a couple of streams then back to the porch with a pound of lamyay. The clouds were pretty.

Spook has a new thing, she meows at me every time I look at her. Especially when I'm walking by her.

Walked the carport garden and posted pix on FB of all the herbs. Master gardener sister and recipe book writer Nancie both liked them all.

Unpacked the new power flashlight and used it to look under the house, and did not see any wetness. It's ugly under there but dry.

Online, read all the news. Thailand's election was corrupt, and the General packed the Senate with his shills, but the lower house may be run by a coalition of the opposition parties. But probably not, because it has to be blessed by The King, who is also a shill of the dictator.

Took a nap at about 3:45, for 90 minutes.

Salad and lobster for dinner. For dessert I scooped all the custard from the pie (the crust was like cardboard) and mashed a banana into it. Yum!

Lots of things to check on FB, always is after a con.

Science Channel (not to be confused with Syfy) is running a fascinating series of astronomy based episodes which have some of my favorite sci-fi authors (David Brin, Alan Dean Foster, Dave Gerrolds) commenting on things like what to do when the alien mother ship drops its spores all over the Earth. I've met and talked to all of these guys at cons. So I have that on auto-record.

PTI was the only new ones of my regular episodes on Tivo.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be up and ready at 8 for a phone call from EDD
Nothing else planned. Looks like it will still be wet.

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