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Random snippets

Paul McCartney turned 64 on Sunday. Do we still need him? Will we still feed him?

Dave Ross, on this morning's Osgood Files, quipped:
Canada: a country so square, even the female impersonators are women.

My sister emailed me that now I am a great-uncle for the 10th time. Eldest nephew's wife popped out a 3.6 kilo boy this morning, somewhere in Israel. Two more nieces are due this summer. Sister's birthday is tomorrow.

Today in history: In 2004, the SpaceShipOne rocket plane punched through Earth's atmosphere, then glided to a landing in California's Mojave Desert in the first privately financed manned spaceflight. And nobody has heard anything from them ever since...

And a happy birthday to Britain's Prince William, who is incorrectly described by Today in History as Prince William of Wales. It's his pop who's Prince of Wales, Harry and William are princes without portfolio.

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