Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Three weeks of unemployment insurance is now processing into my checking account. Looks like they figured out I am real, and did not need another introduction to the process.

Still waiting for my clean air car rebate and the commuter tags.

One more job possibility from a pimp who put me in for two others. A linked-in posting which fit me turned out to be in India. Nothing in the posting indicated it wasn't local.

Very quiet morning. Streamed from the porch for an hour, nobody came out of lurk mode.

Followed my usual storm chaser, no storm again. No others chasing storms. The bounty hunter was hunting in the rain. Watched a woman on Twitch who was at Consonance, and was impressed. At the con she sang with a partner, they both played ukuleles, but at home she has two xylophones, a metal one which she was playing and a wooden one off to the side. She uses two felt mallets in each hand, plus a hard mallet or a violin bow. She sings a lot better online than she did at the con.

My fingernails seriously need a manicure, but I don't think the middle finger is healed enough yet. Maybe Monday.

It rained in San Jose this evening, but I don't think it got here.

Late lunch of corned beef and corn. One of the two slices was all fat. Boo hiss.

Watched an episode of Mysteries at the Museum. No PTI - basketball pre-empted it.

Dinner was way late because I started streaming from the office and enough people showed up so I switched to a marbles game. Metal detector guy played and so did the geocaching girl. But at 9:30 everyone disappeared.

So, defrosted a bunch of shrimp and made a shrimp salad. Cantaloupe for dessert except it wasn't ripe even after a week in the fridge.

Watched two episodes of Ex on the Beach. One was an extra stuff of the last one and one was the reunion. Some of the women in thongs were yummy. Too bad they are all divas.

Plans for tomorrow:
Two days inside all day, I need to take the laptop to Starbucks.
And/or the library
Janice will ask when/where we're meeting. If we're meeting.

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