Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Marvelous

It was a day of Plan B's. The bandage over the finger which I'd sliced open a couple of weeks ago slipped off in the shower, and the cut was healed enough to not need another bandage. That meant plan B to get a manicure was now Plan A.

So after breakfast and online stuff and a phone call from AG, I headed downtown and had my nails done. Friday is a busy day for them, every staff member was there, which meant it was easy to get a manicurist right away. Pedicures were not so easy. The uniform is a red apron over black, and most were wearing stretch pants. There were a couple of attractive customers and a couple not so attractive. On my way out there was a very pretty woman waiting.

Next stop was supposed to be the Starbucks 3 blocks away, I did not want to walk, but there was no parking so Plan B the Starbucks next to the Mercado cinema. Closest parking was by the cineplex, and it was 12:30 and there was a 12:30 showing of Captain Marvel, which I took as a Sign, since there would be at least 15 minutes of ads first.

So I saw the movie.

It sucked for the first hour, maybe more.

Brie Larson did not do it for me as a super hero. Jude Law was doing a cheap imitation of Avon from Blake's Seven. Samuel L. Jackson had his moments, but the script writers could not decide if he was a tough Federal Agent or Captain Marvel's love interest. Ben Mendelsohn did a great job in a difficult role, in Creature Feature makeup. I think they went overboard on the PC "love all refugees" message. Annette Bening came out of hibernation to play essentially three roles in one, and was seriously creepy when she was supposed to be, and just as seriously beguiling when that was called for. Looking at imdb, she actually made 4 films this year. 11-year-old Akira Akbar showed promise - she just needs a good script.

It took way too long to discover Captain Marvel's back story because they made the mistake of doing it all from her POV, starting after she gets amnesia and revealing blips of her past in dream sequences and LSD-style flashbacks.

When she finally gets her full CGI powers almost at the end, the movie actually gets exciting.

Movie over, on to Starbucks where there was a table near an outlet and lots of eye candy. I wanted to do updates on the laptop and watch Twitch but the wi-fi was hosed - less than 1mbps download speed - so after I finished my frappuchino I packed up and went home.

Four pimp contacts, two for the same job I already applied for, two for out of state jobs.

Kaiser billed me for the pacemaker appointment. EDD payments have landed in my checking account. No sign of the DMV check yet.

Plugged in the car, and set up the laptop in the livingroom, applied the updates and charged it up.

Watched some Ancient Aliens which were really pretty good episodes on human evolution and non-homo sapiens hominids. And TWC had something on asteroids which was interesting too. PTI was another day with a stand-in host. Nothing else on Tivo.

Tried to stream for half an hour - no takers. :-(

Dinner was ha gow and baked pork buns, mochi for dessert. Coconut water to drink.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather.
I might brave the trip to HMB, and stop off at the carnivorous plants shop.
Maybe see the show at The Pear in MV

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