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Mister Eclectic

When your only success is at Safeway...

Up at 7:30, Spook was nowhere in sight. Read a few chapters in bed, next thing I knew it was 11 o'clock. Well, not quite - Spook jumped onto the bed, attacked the tablet's USB cable and then jumped down and curled up on the box next to the window. So I opened the window and she moved onto the sill. Back to reading.

The usual morning routine, nothing on the job front. No storms being chased, but the team leader was en route to someplace with tornado warnings for tomorrow.

Drove to Half Moon Bay, traffic was a mess. Especially where 92 meets 280. Two merges slowed down by two traffic lights. Stop and slow for half an hour. And pretty slow the rest of the way. Glad to report the Leaf had zero problems with the hills, but it doesn't handle as well on curves as I am used to. And on the freeway the blind spot on the left is massive and the indicator on the mirror doesn't always turn on. Though it does when I'm alongside light rail.

First target was the state beach park, but the lot was full and there were no roadside spaces left, so no ocean for me. :-(

On to Safeway, they have a huge modern one, HMB city for years were in denial that they had adequate shopping for the massive tourist trade, finally gave in and allowed a major shopping center with Safeway, CVS, Burger King, Subway, etc. Bought all the salad stuff, and turkey franks. I was having a low blood sugar episode, so I bought a double sized Snickers and ate it in the car.

Heading back, stopped in at Predatory Plants, which used to be World Rare Plants. It had been a big double store, lots of carnivorous plants, displays with plants and nick knacks, lots of stuff. Instead of buying the place as is, the new owner emptied everything out, and has a very small collection of smaller plants. The second store space, which had been tropical with huge hanging pitcher plants, is now totally empty. I bought a couple of pitcher plants and two small Venus fly traps. No butterworts, which was highest on my list. My small one is dead, the big one is shrinking. I will probably order from California Carnivores up in Sebastopol. I also checked out the herb shop, Lavender, which specialized in that species, but horribly over-priced. It reminded me I want to transplant mine. All their signs said "pot's" so I walked out sooner than I might otherwise have. There was eye candy outside the row of shops.

Skipped the orchid store - they don't sell catalayas and I have too many orchids anyway.

Most of the way home, around Menlo Park, my tummy started complaining, so when I got home I made a mad dash to the loo, discarding clothing as I went, but I did not quite make it. After a long shower with the hand-held attachment, I threw the bath mats into the washer. Nothing got on my clothes, fortunately.

Dressed, checked the Pear Theatre schedule and made a reservation for tomorrow's matinée. 2 pm, it will be done in time for my meeting Janice across the street at 5. That saved me from driving back to MV tonight.

Took my phone and a glass of ginger ale and some saltines out on the porch and started streaming. The saltines were off, but the ginger ale helped. Had several chatters - two from the storm chasers and one regular who happens to live half an hour from the daily storm chaser streamer. They had a nice chat.

Dinner was corned beef and corn and a slice of Jewish Rye. Lamyay and Popsicles for dessert.

Checked Quicken, entered today's purchases. I need to print a rent check. 

Watched some of my favorite streamers, one woman in Bangkok was streaming her workout, and she has body builder abs, which I had not seen before. When she streams she does show off her huge breasts. Streamed from my PC for half an hour had some trolls whom I banned, but no legit chatters so I signed off.

Got an idea for an April Fool's prank on FB. Needs work. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Print & deliver rent check
MV for theater & Janice
Home, late dinner.

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