Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Intended Consequences

So. Amtrak sent me the full set of vouchers, verified that I'm staying at the Maswik Lodge in the park, and sent enough info for me to make an itinerary on my phone. Turns out he forgot to book the LA hotel, but the rate he had was $100 more than I can get online, and further away from the station than I wanted. Best Western Dragon Gate came in at $150 less, and on the right side of the tracks.

Monday I have most of the day in LA, I should take a tour or something. Need to see if I can store my luggage while I do that.

After breakfast it was Nob Hill in light rain, where I plugged in the car and went snack shopping. Bought 10 Scharffen-Berger bars $1.50 off each, and four big paper bottles of coconut water. Trail mix, peanut M&Ms, apple juice in individual serving bags. HB eggs in 2-fer packages. Most of that will be for AZ, the Coast Starlight has a snack bar under the observation car and the SW Chief does too, though that's mostly a sleep trip.

Calculated how much insulin to bring. My pill boxes will fit the trip fine.

Home, split the snacks into zip lock snack bag servings. Will also bring some Kind bars.

Got the rolling hard shell luggage out of the shed. Will probably take my dino knapsack for the camera and laptop & chargers.

Spent a couple of hours updating my travel notes which will go on the phone. Looked into taking a bus tour in LA, maybe TMZ's. Would like to get to the observatory, but I don't know how.

Watched the usual Twitch streamers. PNB&J for lunch, corned beef & corn for dinner. Various fruit substances for desserts.

Plugged in the car to top it off, and  did some serious weeding in the rose garden. Need to get out the rake. Also pulled out weeds around the CA Lilac and the honeysuckle saplings (which have not grown at all in months).

Watched PTI then streamed for an hour. Someone raided my stream with 30 people, so there was lively conversation. A few new followers too. And a handful of trolls. Stayed on for an hour then made dinner.

On Tivo was the last part of the Nat Geo show which was about animals surviving on mountains, with a hugely over the top global warming message. Also watched a Sci show on gas giants and their mega storms.

Took shirts out of the dryer and hung them up. Spook helped. Spook spent a huge chunk of the day embedded in the sheepskin rug and on the bed in the comforter.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rake some weeds
Maybe stream from the porch
Do a load of laundry - undies & socks
Top off the kibble feeder
More LA day trip research - maybe hang out at Peet's and do that on the laptop
Maybe record another song

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