Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

DMV and Target FAIL

Up with the alarm, wasted time on the phone for an hour before Spook kicked me out of bed.

No useful job hunting today. Got a call from a recruiter for a contract agency I worked for once, but the job was for a Cisco network engineer, not my area of expertise. And there was another pimp with the job in Pleasanton.

Drove to Target, they were out of Soda Stream exchange cartridges. They did have retail ones. BB&B doesn't keep those separate, as long as they have cartridges they will exchange yours. But Target did have diet cola and diet ginger ale syrups on sale. Also got some body wash and shampoo. And travel size deodorant and spf 70 sunscreen. And enough bananas for the rest of the week.

Put the stuff in the car, grabbed my laptop and went back to the Starbucks in Target. Tried to watch streamers online, but the wi-fi signal was horrible so I packed it up and went home. A pity, there was a lot of eye candy.

Wrote email to the author of the lady astronaut novel, telling her about my dad not being fazed by working as Werner von Braun's TA. In the book she has the Lady Astronaut be Jewish, it's obvious the author isn't, and when LA meets WVB she has angst over this guy's role in killing all those people. But he wasn't killing Jews, he was killing Brits. Who were fairly anti-semitic. I didn't mention that.  

Looked up the light rail schedule for Sunday, I'll have to leave the house at 8 am to get to the Amtrak station in time. Maybe Saturday I'll drive through the Amtrak parking lot to see how many spaces are available.

Decided the mocha & cookie were lunch, poured myself a cola and went on the porch and streamed. Clouds at first, then bees on the flowers. There were honey bees fighting bumble bees for space on the blooms. They do this on the sage bush too, but there they also have to fight the hummingbirds.

In the mail was an envelope from the DMV commuter tag department, but instead of the tags there was my very crumpled application and a form claiming I had not included the $22 fee. I wrote them a nastygram saying they apparently lost the check I sent, I printed a new one and also included the stub from the original. It only took them 2 months to get back to me. Idjits.

Watched the storm chaser as usual, but he was all about some difficulties getting his parents situated in the right facility, so I tried metal detector guy, but his signal was iffy since he is traveling, finally landed on a cute blonde in hot pants stopping at a 7-11 on her way from LA to Mexico. Nice butt.

Dinner was a salad and a couple of pieces of fried chicken, matzo balls & corn. Ice cream sandwiches for dessert. I've also had 2 egg creams, which I should not have. Hgl this morning was way high.

Watched the latest Oak Island where a strike stopped their core drilling. Also watched an episode of Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Streamed for an hour at 7, only two chatters.

Watched Vegas_penguin's stream for a while.

Plans for tomorrow:
Friday, but who cares?
AG is on vacation in Hawaii so no phone call to/from him
Job hunt
Stream at 7

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