Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Kind of quiet. Kind of wet. Kind of boring.

It drizzled all day. Except for a look around the garden and some time sitting on the porch, and getting the mail, I stayed indoors.

The usual breakfast, some minor snacking, caught up on FB and email. One recruiter with a possibility, though the JD was too vaguely worded to be sure. Definitely out of my usual rut.

I think it's the pollen.  My eyes have hurt all week, I have been using a lot of eye drops.

Changed batteries in the outdoor temp sensors but some of the indoor units still show wrong temps and no humidity. Not crucial, I can ask Alexa or Google what the temp is.

Bagel with salmon cream cheese and the other half of the herring in sour cream & onions for lunch.

Swiffered the bathroom and part of the kitchen.

Should have played the piano after watching the Twitch streams, but got in bed with the tablet and looked for videos. Spook curled up next to me, close enough to pet, which I think is a first. After about an hour she climbed over to the other side and rubbed against the USB cable and hinted she needed me to come to the kitchen. Weird because I had put treats down earlier, after cleaning her water fountain in the dishwasher.

Followed her to the kitchen and she just stared at the treats until I poured a couple more out from the jar. Weird cat.

Watched Mysteries at the Museum and PTI then streamed for an hour. Only 2 chatters showed up.

Tempura shrimp and falafel for dinner, strawberries and cream for dessert.

Watched the final Ex @ the Beach reunion, the MC Romeo doesn't know about the word "an". He uses "a" for every occasion. Drives me crazy.  Plus he reads his lines, haltingly. How did he get this job?

Made a salad, then watched a streamer in Tokyo who had a lot of chatters from the metal detector guy's group.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am monthly party at the community center. Let the admin know I'll be gone.
Drive to Amtrak station, check out the parking situation. If there are enough empty spaces, get a pass for next week. Otherwise plan on taking light rail (2 hours earlier leaving home time)

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