Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A couple of early WINs, then boredumb

Up before the alarm by 15 minutes. Spook slept next to me at first then moved to the foot of the bed. She's been very needy today, probably knows I'm going to be away. I hope she doesn't go crazy without her treats.

She helped me pack

My plan is to wear T-shirts under Hawaiian shirts, and the same pair of jeans all week. I'll wear the Sharks jacket, I think, unless my Mariner's jacket still fits - it's warmer. And they are winning for the first time in 40 years. The Sharks are too, but they tend to choke in the playoffs. Out of the picture is my Stegosaurus back pack, which has my laptop, camera gear, and will also get my printed vouchers and bag 'o' snacks. Taking a chance and putting my insulin, needles and syringes under where Spook is splayed. Toiletries will go there too. I may toss in a sweatshirt. All the USB stuff and my two extension cords are going in the dino pack.

10 am birthday party was fun, there was only one birthday person, three others sent word they were too ill to come, and an anniversary couple are on a trip. Mia, the one with the eyes and complexion, was there. I chatted with Jing, a young-ish Chinese woman who helped 95-year-old Inga walk there. Inga will be moving out & selling her house soon. Jing gave me the 411 on Mia - apparently Mia was very sick as a child, had a very high fever for a long time, and suffered some brain damage. Not autistic - she's very outgoing - but she's not all there, and sometimes makes bad decisions. Her mom is beautiful too, but married, and they all live in the park.

I amused Jing with my 7 words of Mandarin.

An older woman named Linda chatted with me for a while, she escaped from NJ, and has the accent to prove it. Her story is her husband beat her, he's in jail now. She is trying to work through that.

Most of the Usual Suspects were there.

Next stop, Amtrak. Plenty of parking spaces, I got there well after the Coast Starlight was due, so that was a good sign - people parking for that train would have been there and people leaving would have left.

But when I got into the station, they were still working on getting the Coast Starlight launched - it was 1.5 hours late. Since the staff was outside working on that, I was in line for 20-30 minutes. When the train was on its way out, someone did come to help, and he gave me a pass quickly, good for an extra day after I return - just in case the return trip is delayed. LA-SJ is a long enough trip that it's possible that a delay could force an overnight stop (the crew is only allowed to work x hours in a row). But not likely, since the end of the line is Seattle, SJ is the halfway point.

Home, had half the remaining salad greens, and made wide egg noodles and sausage slices with cheese for lunch. The 50 units of insulin kicked in before I was halfway into the noodles, so I scarfed a Klondike bar as I watched storm chasers. Then finished the noodles.

I'm going to be on my travel insulin regimen next week - minimal high test, but the usual morning and overnight low strength.

Filled my pill boxes - no diuretics during the trip.

Just salad for dinner, that low Hgl episode wiped me out for a couple of hours, and made me not hungry.

Went out on the porch and watched bees on the flowers, took some short phone videos. Also the sun came out so now I have a sunburn on my face. Annoying, since I do have SPF.

Finished packing - all that's left is denture stuff, Hgl meter, USB chargers & cables, tablet, headphones and eye drops. And printed vouchers (I also have them on my phone).

Looked for things to do in LA. All the strip joints seem to open at 9 pm, so maybe I'll find one after I check into the hotel. None are walking distance, but there will be cabs. Tuesday morning I'll figure out on the spot.

Watched some streamers, closed up the rolling suitcase for now. Need to take meds, find the Mariners jacket, go to bed and maybe watch the vegas stream some more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meds, shoot up
Final final packing
Drive to Amtrak ~ 9 am (20 minutes expected)
Train 11 at 10:06 LA at 9 PM
Best Western Dragon Gate
Strip joint?

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