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Up with the alarm, no breakfast but packed a banana and a pair of Midland hard boiled eggs. Left home at about 8:40, no traffic to contend with, plenty of parking at Amtrak. Train was listed as on time so I had a little more than an hour to wait. Lots and lots of eye candy as there was a Giants express boarding. The south bay fans wear a lot of leggings and shorts. And any train to LA will have sexy people on it.

Ate the banana. Opened the eggs - they were spoiled.

Waiting in line by the tracks for the cheap seats, a woman with pretty eyes, a very elderly father (grandpa?) and a way too skinny 13-ish daughter struck up a conversation. They were heading for San Diego, which was my last train trip so we had things to talk about.

I asked the conductor for a window seat, and he hemmed and hawed and assigned me seat 79. Two problems - 79 is downstairs, handicapped section and I ought to be upstairs, and two Chinese women who pretended to not understand anything were in my seat and the one next to it.

Cornered the conductor, the train is now moving, he discovers that the women are in the wrong car, but did not want to mess with it, but gave me a window seat upstairs.

Seat 5. Turns out half the car was empty, he easily could have given me a better seat than the one where the window is really a panel between windows. So I spent the rest of that leg in the real window seat (1)  in front of 5.

And for the leg after that, but eventually he put passengers there. who asked to be switched - the front seat doesn't have trays.

Snack bar first trip for a diet Pepsi and a hot dog, second trip for a diet Pepsi and a container of donut holes. Used the seat 5 tray until I was done eating/drinking, then got up, put the tray in the trash, went downstairs and took a leak, then back to seat 1.

Beautiful weather, I spent some time in the lounge car but the glare of those windows drove me back to my seat(s).

The ocean views as we got to Spacex were spectacular. Tide coming in, many layers of waves. AFB on the left, ocean on the right.

We were early into every station, so it felt like forever to get going again - they cannot leave early.

Each stop my pretty eyed friend chatted with me. At our last stop I gave her my card. I still don't know her name.

They did not announce the LA arrival in our car, everyone was confused when the lights went out. I went to the next car to exit, it was empty.

They have an airport like baggage carousel, my bag was already on it by the time I'd walked a mile to the baggage claim.

Another mile to the front door, and the taxi stand.

Taxi knew where to go, only $5 on the meter. I gave him $10.

Easy check in, dumped my jacket and bags and went looking for food, but in this Chinatown, nothing is open past 9 pm.

Back to the hotel, got a coke from the machine (no ice) and ate a packet of trail mix.

Tried to stream, but the app didn't like the low bandwidth wi-fi.

Still to be done:
Open my rolling bag, take out the meds and tooth stuff. Medicate, lay out clothes & camera for tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hotel breakfast
Cab to the train station
Store my bags
Find a tour or something like it
5 pm back to the station, get my bags
Train to AZ

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