Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still kinda lagged

It was so nice sleeping in my own bed, close to sea level. I had really missed the ability to raise the head of the bed.

Doubled down on the Furosimide, having taken none since Sunday. I think that was a major part of the breathing issues, but taking it has me needing to pee right now!!!  which is not going to work on a series of long distance train rides or shuttle buses.

I think Spook slept on the bed with me, I can't remember. I do remember waking up at about 6 and checking to see if the drive E backup was done (it wasn't even close), and making many silly typos on FB.

Back to bed around 8, up for real at 10-ish. Banana & HB egg for breakfast. More mint tea. Mild cold symptoms, leaky nose, low grade cough. Took some Dayquil.

Caught up on FB, pared down email to just active job contacts. One clown sent the same JD 4 times, another twice.  think they are now blocked.

I know I have a phone interview 10 am Tuesday, but can't find any email on that, I think it was all done by phone.

Mail was delivered around lunchtime. It included the $2500 clean air rebate. And a reminder about Pear Slices. Costco catalog had nothing of interest. Chatted with the LPN who used to take care of my 100-year-old next door neighbor. The woman is 80 now, mostly stays in her house a few doors up the street.

Watched some NatGeo show on Tivo. Lunch was beef sausages and the last of the macaroni. GO doesn't carry it, I may need a Safeway or Lucky's run.

Ordered a fingerprint sensor for the laptop to replace the one which died. Also a wallet. Amazon tells me I tend to need a new one every 18 months. Need new birks, but not at $135 a pair. They are my in-house slippers, I suppose I should look for less expensive indoor footwear.

The E backup was done at 1:55, but immediately today's C backup took its place. When it was done around 2:30 I was able to power off the PC for a while, then slurp up the photos from the Nikon. All trip I took less than 400 pictures. This one was taken from about a mile away, using the 50mm lens. Cropped to about 10% of the original:

I got 4 shots of this idiot as he tried for a Darwin award. 30 mpg gusts when he jumped.

Tomorrow will batch tweak all the photos to auto-contrast + auto-tone or maybe auto-color. The weather conditions washed them all out. I may make the original of this one a 2020 calendar photo. See who gets it.

Dinner I was at a loss for, but found some stovetop stuffing mix in the cabinet with the dried beans. Chopped up an onion, threw in some mixed veggies because I did not have celery, made chicken broth from bullion powder. Had butter. Made the stuffing and tossed on a can of tuna.

It was awful. Despite the instructions to the contrary, it really does need to be baked.

A long time filker friend has been encouraging me to apply for jobs where she works, and I finally found one which might be a fit. Maybe. It's in marketing, doing web stuff.

Lots of Tivo recorded,  will watch some tomorrow.

Took a nap for 90 minutes, Spook slept parallel to me, easy petting range.

Hgl is back to normal, BP is a little low.

Filled the pill boxes for the week.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the rolling suitcase in the shed
Distribute the dirty clothes to the appropriate hampers
Take the cover off the air conditioner & park it in the shed
Or not - rain predicted for Monday, lower temps tomorrow
Water the indoor plants

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