Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gotta stop buying all the foods

Better sleep night, Spook was with me most of it. 8 am alarm, but she was already on the bed sitting up and yelling at me when the lights came on at 7:30. She got her treats but not till I was dressed.

Sprayed some Chlorox cleaner on a paper towel and wiped down the Hgl meter. And it gave an error code which meant a bad test strip. After the same error with four strips from two lots and a new battery, I called One Touch customer service, got a Hispanic woman who kept reading from her crib sheet well past the point where the questions made any sense. The error occurs as soon as a strip is inserted, well before it will accept blood, so don't ask me if I see the blood drop icon. Or if I wash my hands before taking a sample. I blew up at her (volume, still polite words) and finally hung up on her. The right response would have been "send it in, we'll replace it".

I have a duplicate meter which I kept at work, bu it wasn't in any of the usual drawers (four older meters were) or in the box of stuff from my last job.

Online, I ordered a pair from Amazon, but they wouldn't get here until tomorrow evening. A web search said WalMart has them in stock. $20 or so.

Lou was out across the street so I chatted with him & Margie.

Off to Milpitas, because in addition to a meter I also needed celery and large elbow macaroni. Ironically, as I arrived and plugged in the car, my blood sugar level dropped. Beeline to the bakery, grabbed a pair of apple fritters, ate one, and then snagged a Snickers bat and ate half before I was feeling better. Pharmacy, had to wait for someone to open the locked case, but got the meter. Never found the produce department or the pasta, but DiGiorno pizzas were on sale and so were Marie C turkey pot pies.

Out to the car, someone had unplugged the Leaf. It looked like it got a half hour charge, and my phone had a long list of alarms. The car was not just unplugged, the covers were closed and the front flap snapped in place. Maybe they have some minion who keeps an eye on the chargers. I plugged back in and sat in the car for about 20 minutes until it had a full charge.

Back towards home, stopped in at GO but they didn't have celery or macaroni but they did have a case of 8 mac-and-cheese microwave cups.

Home, took photos of the roses and videos of the bees on the lilacs. Phone rang, it was youngest sister. I put stuff away then called her back and we talked for more than an hour.

BofA, deposited the rebate check, got some cash. On to Lucky's, got macaroni and shells and celery and bananas. Mint chip ice cream too, I think. Or maybe that was GO.

Home, apparently my neighbor trimmed my verbena plant all around. I am fine with her trimming it on her side of the property, but she shouldn't be messing with my side. And in either case she should ask first.

Tried out the new meter, it worked fine and paired to the phone app.

Anyhow, now I had the fixings for stovetop stuffing but it's Too Soon after last night's disaster. Dinner started with salad, and then a turkey pot pie. Mochi for dessert.

Watched three episodes of PT except one was a baseball game and one started 10 minutes in after a baseball game. Tivo's EPG is not keeping up. Usually PTI is shown on ESPN2 when there's a ball game on ESPN.

Also watched a Secrets of Space Science on the search for extra-solar moons. And the latest from the scammers at Oak Island who didn't know that Nova Scotia meant New Scotland.

Taking something out of the fridge, I looked up and saw my work lunchbox, and remembered my spare meter might be in there. It was on the shelf behind that, along with my spare BP meter.

Just now I tried the meter from this morning, and it is working again. Must have gotten the sensor wet, and now it is dry. So when the two arrive from Amazon they will be returned. I think I'll switch to the WalMart one, and the other two can be spares.

Ordered slippers to replace the Birks.

Forgot to water the plants.

Plans for tomorrow:
9:30 phone interview with Comcast
water the plants
watch storm chasers
Work on a graphic for younger sister - she drew it, but her app makes it lumpy
It's probably going to rain.

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