Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Best Day in a Long Time

Up at 7:30, Spook did her climbing Mt. Howard thing to let me know she was out of treats. She spent the whole night on the bed but out of petting range.

The broken Hgl meter was working again. Seems some of the cleaner fluid needed time to dry out. So now I have 3 working meters.

9:30 interview with Comcast hiring manager could not have gone better. He will be having the contract agency arrange an in-person meeting. Turns out their offices are not the ones near Lockheed, they are in the row at the end of Moffett Field near Amazon's megaplex. A whole 3 minutes further commute. He said they don't have car chargers - the ones there are only for Google. And my commuter tags will be useless because the commute is all on surface streets. I don't have them yet anyway. But the job is very close to what I want, and it is contract-to-hire.

Got all my vacation photos tweaked and online. The canyon shots all needed 3x contrast boost to make them viewable. Too many shots the GPS tagger missed.

Grand Canyon Day 1
Grand Canyon Day 2

As I was uploading the last batch, Janice texted, she was at Peet's could we meet?

I drove over there, we talked for a couple of hours. I missed all the storm chaser activities as a result.

Have had a mild cold since Saturday.  Been treating it today with hot Thai tea.

Home, made a pizza for lunch. Forgot to press "start" on the timer so it came out a bit crunchy. Chocolate donettes a la mode for dessert.

Watched PTI, they were all about Tiger Woods' amazing comeback, which was aided greatly by the two other leaders hitting into the water at crucial moments. Luke Walton is now the coach of the Sacramento team, a political move inspired by LeBron, who effectively killed the Lakers instead of helping them. Walton led the Warriors through a major part of their last championship while Kerr was having back surgery. He's also a former star player, and son of star player Bill Walton. IMHO The Lakers should have kept Walton and sent LeBron to Sacramento.

Also watched a long series of Gold Rush episodes which Tivo thought was one show. 

Took a nap, Spook was already in bed. Up at 7, got dressed and out into the rain, to Cupertino, The Stein bar & grill which has an open mike night, and this time featuring heart throb Danielle, who was my favorite Little Shop of Horrors ragamuffin. After that show she starred in a couple of East Bay musicals, then found a career as a cruise ship performer. She has been gone far and wide for a couple of years. She was great in Little Shop, she is 10x better now. Amazing growth as a singer and performer. Well worth getting out of the house for, but unfortunately no one else from LSOH made it.

Home, watched part of Mysteries at the Museum, in which some researcher discovered there was an actual person The Headless Horseman was modeled after. A Hessian soldier decapitated by a cannonball while on his horse, buried in Irvington.

More Thai tea, odd to drink it hot. 

Delivered was a fingerprint sensor for the laptop, which did not appear to work until I noticed it wanted the finger pressed against it, not slid across it. Also delivered is a new wallet, which I'll mess with tomorrow. And a pair of Hgl meters, which will be returned, unopened, tomorrow.

Still on order is a pair of slippers.

Grand Canyon daredevil - there were 40 mph gusts, hitting suddenly and randomly. The guy in the green jacket on the right led people to the rim - no fear of heights at all. The woman, not so much.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up & breakfasted
10 am phone interview, but I am not sure what for. I think it's Ranstad, for a job at Walmart/Vudu
It may be for Live Planet, testing VR devices in San Jose.
Rest, get over this cold. Watch Twitch streamers. Maybe be one.

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