Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Stuffed up and mild cough all night, the usual breakfast but with hot tea. Found a stash of dried crumbled mint leaves. Later plucked some fresh ones from the garden. Dinner time transitioned to Thai tea.

The expected 10 am phone call was a recruiter from a company called Live Planet  which makes VR cameras and related systems. 26-person start-up, only offering $25/hr for a QA role tells me they are not very serious about quality. They are in San Jose near the Tabard Theater. She will submit my resume and we'll see what happens.

Watched stuff on Tivo.

Mac & cheese & meatballs for lunch with garden plucked oregano. Tried to watch streamers but my eyes hurt.

Back to bed. Spook was already there. She did not make room for me. Petting her I found a mat, but she wouldn't let me work on it. When I'm feeling better I'll brush it out.

Woken up around 3:30 by a call from the contract recruiter for the Comcast job, can I make it too an on-site interview Friday at 1? Sure.

Up and dressed around 5, got the mail - in the mailbox was an Amazon order of a pair of slippers. WTF?

Recruiter called - managers won't be at work Friday, how about Monday? I suggested Thursday, forgetting (or ignoring) that it's Good Friday and people will be taking Thursday off too.

Another call, looks like it has to be Monday. Sure, fine.

Maybe I'll go to Great America's weekly hiring event Sunday. Could be theater tech work I can do.

More Tivo - Mysteries of the Abandoned. Some amazingly remote locations. Gold Rush has a mini expedition into the mountains of Papua New Guinea. So far they have managed to make friends with and not be eaten by the natives.

Plans for tomorrow:
More tea
More time in bed
If it's nice enough, maybe go to Baylands Park with my camp chair.

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