Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much After Noon

Up at 7:30 for no apparent reason, except Spook was clawing at my arm. Not hard, just enough to let me know she wanted treats.

The problem with waking up early is the day goes slower.

10-ish, to UPS and dropped off the meters to return to Amazon. Then to MV, BB&B, exchanged 2 cartridges and bought a box of dark cocoa k-cups. All their coffee makers were >$100, no thanks.

Up Rengstorff to Safeway, bought some salad add ons, but not salad. Could not find the marinated artichoke hearts. Bought a box of breaded dark meat chicken. And a box of K-cup Starbucks mocha. Probably should have got that from the Starbucks next door.

Home, put away all the things. Watched bees in the garden. The roses are huge - hand-sized, and smell great. I will need to collect & dry petals soon.

It got very hot inside, 85°. Not much better outside. Took me too long to open the doors. Probably should start using the aircon. Except it still is cold at night.

Watched everything on the Tivo except some NFL draft hype which I deleted, and some Gold Rush hype, as well. Once again Oak Island shows how very amateur and over-invested they are. One of the leaders finally let slip how he is amused by the metal detection "expert" getting all excited at every little piece of metal. The guy's cockney accent annoys the hell out of me. Once again they are doing seismic testing, this time in a swamp. Idiots. all they will get is mush. The TNT needs something solid to reflect, the swamp will dampen the audio return signal.

Lunch was salad and a couple of those bland mac & cheese cups. Corned beef & sauerkraut for dinner. Ice cream.

All the door are open, and it's down to 78 in the office.

Streamed from 7-8, the last 5 minutes there were 6 lurkers and one chatter. I was talking about why we should just walk away from the Notre Dame cathedral. My argument is Jesus never built a temple or church - he despised them. He gave his sermons outdoors. And the Vatican ought to be raising money for the poor, not for a gaudy building.

Got a call from the manager of the contract agency which arranged the Comcast interview. I knew more than he did.

Ordered a nest thermo sensor for the bedroom. And a $50 k-cup coffee maker, which was supposed to be a same-day delivery but won't be here till tomorrow evening.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the cover off the aircon unit
Set the nest for heat/cool mode. 72F ought to be okay. Last year I made the mistake of setting a wide range and ended up running the system 24 hours a day.
Get tickets for the Tabard show for Saturday if there are tables available.

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