Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Me Day

Up at 6, back to bed and up at 7:30, but turned off the lights for half an hour.

It had cooled off outside, but was still 75 inside. Spook had her butt on the padded box, and her face in the open crack of the bedroom window.

Trimmed my beard before showering.

Great Clips for a haircut, an hour wait. I wanted to go nextdoor to Safeway but couldn't because I wasn't going straight home, and stuff would melt.

Manicure, only a 5-minute wait.  The woman in pedicure seat 8 was model material. Pretty smile, great legs, nice rack. Nice to have her in my line of sight.

Massage. Started with a young one, but she traded me for an older model halfway through, seems she had an appointment. She encouraged me to make an appointment next time.

Grocery Outlet, plugged in the car and stocked up on fruit and cold cuts. And a loaf of PNB&J-able bread.

Missed all my streamers.

Made a k-cup of dark chocolate, it was good. The Starbucks mocha tasted like burned coffee, no chocolate. Thai tea is due in tomorrow.

Delivered was 600 insulin syringes. In theory that's a 3-month supply, but the math says 10 months. Used to be I used syringes 5 times a day, but now only twice, the other 3 times I use pen needles.

Loaded the new wallet with the old stuff. It's neater.

Social Security payment landed in my bank. I should pay down a credit card.

The fellow who played Zaphod in 1993 MPG Hitchhiker's guide left me a FB message in January, I just saw it yesterday. Told him I have a DVD of the show, if he wants it. He does. I found two iso DVDs, it took way too long to burn them into playable DVDs and longer to print on them (inkjet printable discs). But the 2-DVD set will be in the mail tomorrow.

Missed my streaming because of that. Had lox & Havarti on a bagel for dinner, and lots of strawberries. Ran out of whipped cream.

Paid way too much for a ticket to tomorrow's matinée of Queen of the Mist,  a musical about a woman who went over the falls in a barrel. Leading lady is an old co-star.

Yesterday I did 3 loads of laundry. Today I ironed way too many Hawaiian shirts.

It was too not-hot to fire up the aircon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tabard Theater

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