Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Over a Barrel

The usual morning routine, but 90 minutes later because of the Internet. Amazon gifted me 90 days of free music, connected to my Sonos speaker system. Turns out they lie - I asked for Gordon Lightfoot and it gave ma a playlist which started with one of his tunes, but never played him again. Elton John's Tiny Dancer? WTF? In other words, it's just like Pandora, but without the ads.

For a change, wore khakis and a belt, no suspenders. Tomorrow will probably change to jeans & a belt.

FB and TV until 2. Lunch was pastrami on rye after a salad. NFL mock draft shows apparently require a female anchor, the more shrill the voice the better.

Tabard theater - almost got lost, but figured it out. Parking garage across from the theater, but the elevator is on the wrong side of the building, had to walk 3 blocks extra.

Got my ticket at will call, 2:20. House is supposed to open at 2:30. But didn't. Light check showed three blown bulbs, so show delayed 45 minutes to fix that.

Queen of the Mist is an allegedly true story of the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and live. It's a musical. Anna is a strong-willed loser. We see her evicted from three places where she had set up shop as a teacher - with no students. And then thrown out of her sister's house for living beyond their means.

Off to Buffalo for the world's fair. For no apparent reason she thinks she can design a barrel which can carry her over the falls, and make a million dollars. She knows she can do it because she just saw a woman die trying.

She survives, but her manager deserted her, went to a bar and got smashed thinking she would die and he would be culpable. She fires him, and it is downhill from there. Apparently she bored the lecture circuit to tears. According to the script, she would never answer the key question of what it felt like to go over the precipice.

The cast was very good. Two friends in it, one played Anna, the other played her sister. Everyone except Anna played multiple roles.

A couple of issues with the production. It is too long, by half. Act I ran 1:45. Act II felt like it would never end - she dies three or four times. It goes all metaphysical in the last half hour. One or two singable tunes. It's very opera-like in the length of each number.

Costumes were good.

Five people I knew in the audience.

Home, the exit from the garage was one way the wrong way, had to make a big U around downtown to get to my freeway.

Safeway "dark" chicken for dinner turned out to be white meat. Fruit for dessert. And peanut M&Ms.

Streamed from 7:15-8:05. nobody showed up till the last 5 minutes.

Delivered was a tub of Tide pods and a box of Thai tea k-cups. The latter are a total FAIL. Not Thai tea at all, just some bitter stuff. The directions say to add sugar and milk, which is a crock.

Weather was nasty all day. Cold, windy, rain clouds but no rain.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bite the head off a hollow chocolate bunny
The rest depends on the weather.

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