Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of to-do to-done

And some not. I cannot believe I was in bed till almost 11, partly because Sunday, and it's cold & windy outside but also found some videos which reminded me of a friend's girlfriend, who had a secret life which I knew about but he didn't. They met doing theater together, discovered a mutual love of Disneyland and roller coasters, but he moved on to someone I did not like nearly as well. She married someone who shared her sci-fi and cosplay passions. Recently he landed a job on the other coast, she went with him, and so on.

So, 11 am, Hgl was high, BP was higher. Weight was the same as yesterday.

Skipped breakfast because it was late.

Spent time on FB and waiting for Amazon.

Delivered was:
8 boxes of Kleenex cubes
A pair of dark, polarized driving sunglasses
A Gosuna wireless A/C plug**
Nest thermo sensor
B complex vitamins (mini)

**The plug was to replace the faulty Iris one. It needed an app I didn't want on my phone, so it was set side. Fry's had been emailing me Easter Day specials, so I drove out there hoping to buy a Samsung plug, but the store was closed. On the way home was Lowe's, where I bought a pair of GE plugs, and a pair of remote controlled light bulbs. Wore the sunglasses. They work well.

Home, the GE plugs were not really GE, they were brand X, needed an app, and only talked to Alexa and Google, not Samsung. I set one up as bedroom light 2, but I don't think the bedroom sensor can control it. May need to go back to Fry's.  One of the bulbs is now in the kitchen over the orchids. It works with Alexa.

Put the kleenex in the office closet where they usually live. Replaced the mega B complex pills in the pill box with the minis.

Set up the thermo sensor, parked it in the bedroom, and told the Nest app to use it for mornings and nighttime.

Went outside to take the cover off the aircon unit, to find it had blown off already, knocking over the rack with my gardening tools. The wind could not have done that, I think the nest had a premature aircon moment. Anyhow, it took a while to put the cover in the shed and pick up all the pieces.

Took out all the garbage, pulled out a lot of Bee's Friend plants which were overgrowing the culvert. Some bumble bees were not happy about that. I wasn't either, all those pollinators recycled. But there are plenty left. Lots of boxes to break down and bundle.

Lunch was stovetop stuffing, I made a batch, added thyme, oregano and rosemary from the garden, and chopped some walnuts too. It came out well. Poured on some turkey gravy. Ate it with pastrami & salami. I took the rest of the pastrami & most of the salami and zipped them into small packets for the fridge freezer. Salad to start, and strawberries with sweetened condensed milk for dessert.

Streamed from 7:30-8:30, lots of people showed up with 5 minutes to go.

Dinner was salad, then truffle mousse on rye on schmaltz. Not as good as my chopped liver. Ice cream dessert.

Watched Graham Norton, Mysteries of the Abandoned and half of NFL mock draft. Two women on the panel, both with their NFL Network shirts unbuttoned all the way. The men wore similar shirts, buttoned up. One of the women is petite, very cute, her shirt was straining to keep her inside it. The other woman is taller, more rounded, looked more natural. None of the men were going for sexy.

The official Nissan app is broken, found a 3rd party app which is much better. The car is charging, probably will be done before dawn.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed on time
Skip the diuretic
Fry's (?)
Job interview at Comcast 1:30

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