Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring day, educational evening

Pretty much did nothing all day except the dishwasher.

There was show on the Science Channel claiming that the math says the universe is really a hologram, black holes are the data storage units and the whole shebang can be viewed in 2 dimension from above the plane of the universe. Many times they mentioned that we may not be real, we may just be projections. Every time they said it, I wanted to throw my shoe at them and tell them this is what Plato taught, almost exactly. No mention of Plato in the presentation. Every scientist/mathematician on the show had a foreign accent. They all spent many millions of dollars building kludges to prove their theories, but none succeeded.


6:30, off to La Playa mobile home park for a presentation on Sunnyvale's plan to switch from all at-large city council seats to 7 districts. Turns out it was kind of a scam, the presentation was not by the city, it was by a professional workshop facilitator arranged by a mobile home park citizens' committee.

The things I learned:
- the city charter needs to be changed in order to change the structure of the council & elections
- this requires a vote of the people
- city council tentatively wants to hold this election with the March 2020 primaries
- if it passes, they still need to set up the districts
- plan for the first district election is November 2020.

The change has been court ordered, so if the election is not held or doesn't pass, a court will probably impose it, and do the districts for us.

They lost me right at the start when they didn't have a screen, so they created this mess to make up for it:

There was a sort of buffet, way too many healthy items, plus pizza. I was given a name tag and assigned a table to sit at, but we all ignored that - my tabloe was full when I got there, nobody's badge had that table number. So I found my own place to sit.

The facilitator ran it like a workshop, each table was a working group, there were three pages of assignments for us to discuss. My table did not buy into it at all, but at least one person at all the other tables did. Facilitator was more interested in keeping the feedback to 1 minute per table than what the content was.

Home, streamed for an hour, then watched vegas_penguin and blondiewondie for a while.

Plans for tomorrow:
I should go to Starbucks, but my aircon is so comfortable

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