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Mister Eclectic

Another interview, more of a chat session

Jessica from Florida who works in north San Jose has called me several times in the past month, the first time she had a job opening which came up with my name recommended for it, but it was way off base. The other times I think she just wanted to chat. Today she invited me to come in for an in-person interview, we agreed on 4 pm, I forgot how horrible traffic would be - took me half an hour to go a couple of miles. 7 mph average I think.

Got there, found her building, went to the 6th floor and found her door.  No sign identifying the company, and I surprised them. Two guys and her, all on their phones. I think I was supposed to check in on the 5th floor. Anyway, she found us a room to chat in, we talked for an hour about all kinds of things. She's kind of an airhead, but easy to talk with. Went away with zero accomplished on the job front.

Morning was the usual except I made a small souffle with best of the egg, swiss cheese and whipping cream. And black olive slices.

Drank a lot of Thai tea, mostly from the DeDe packet mix.

Delivered was litterbox cartridges, need to change Spook's litterbox tomorrow. Mail arrived late, in it was a small box with another brand of Thai tea k-cups. As awful as the first batch. I'll stick to the packets.

But I should get back to cold drinks.

Watched the NFL draft on Tivo about half an hour after it started, at 7:30 paused it to stream on Twitch. This time I had a lot of visitors, several from other streams I follow. Far flung conversations. Only two trolls and the bot handled them.

Back to the draft. Very annoyed that the undersized QB everyone said would be #1 and go to Arizona actually did so. AZ has a perfectly good QB in Josh Rosen, he just needs a better team around him. This new shrimp won't do any better. I have a feeling AZ just didn't want a Jewish QB. It will be interesting to see where he is traded to. The 9ers made a so-so choice in pick #2, choosing a defensive end when what they need most IMHO is a center or another O-line heavyweight. The QBs get tagged too much.

I may tune in again tomorrow. It'll be on Tivo, anyhow.

PTI did not like the way the Sharks won their 7-game playoff series. The officials made a bad call which helped lead to a huge scoring jag. But they also agreed that Vegas choked.

Dinner was mac & turkey franks & cheese. Mochi for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Safeway - need ice cream sandwiches & popsicles & marinated artichoke hearts. Turkey bologna. HB eggs.
Maybe Target Starbucks with the laptop? Nah, their wi-fi sucks.
Change the litterbox cartridge
5 pm phone call from cardiologist. Uploaded the pacemaker data this morning.
Stream at 7 ?
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